JC de Vera pushes himself to the limit in "Obra"

JC de Vera’s first role in Obra places him in the life of a macho dancer. JC revealed in Showbiz Central on how serious he was inproperly acting out his role that he went to lengths to study, emulate, anddance with real macho dancers.

JC de Vera seems to take his role in Obra quite seriously and literally applied the title to his actingperformance taking on the role of a macho dancer in its first episode, "PrettyBoy." Jumping to such a length in terms of tackling more challenging roles, Obra may be JC's door of opportunity formore mature roles.

Obra is the new drama anthology of GMA-7. JC is the secondfeatured artist on Obra after Katrina Halili, where he will essay fourdifferent roles in a month directed by some of the most respected countries inthe country—Joel lamangan, Maryo de los Reyes, Jun Lana, and Mac Alejandre.

Up to this day, JC still can't believe that he is capable ofacting out such a role as he laughingly admitted to Showbiz Central host Pia Guanio, "Parang kinikilabutan ako tuwingnapapanood ko yun."

PUSHING HIS LIMITS. Forhis role as a macho dancer, JC was asked by Pia on whom or what pushed him todo such a role for primetime TV.

"Unang-una," JC began, "yung show na Obra... Di ba, ibig sabihin nun, e, masterpiece? So siyempre, kungikaw yung artist na ige-guest nila doon sa Obra, siyempre dapat gagawa ka ng edgy na character, di ba? Yung at least nasomething na makikilala ka ng tao, o mapapansin ka. So, isa ito actually nasinuggest ko."

"So it became a challenge for you?" Pia asked.

"Sobra!" JC replied. "Sobrang challenge!"

Since it became such a challenge, did he go through a lottrying to learn macho dancing?

"Yung mismong taping, doon nagpadala sila ng mga machodancers," JC explained. "Since sumasayaw naman talaga ako, e, madali sa akinpara kopyahin. Pero napatunayan ko na hindi madali yung ginagawa nilang sayawna ganoon. Mahirap!"

"In what sense, JC?" Pia followed.

"Siyempre yung mga dancers, e, sanay sila na sumasayaw nahip-hop...ng mga mabibilis na galaw," JC answered. He then pointed out, "Ito,itong macho dancing, e, sobrang bagal! Ipe-flex mo muscles mo, ganyan. ‘Tapossiyempre, kailangan mong mag-project sa camera, kailangan yung eyes mo, may eyecontact.


"Noong rehearsals, hindi ko pa alam ang gagawin ko, hindi pa ako suresa gagawin ko at hindi ko pa alam ang eye contact na ginagawa ng dancers talaga, so tinignan ko yung rehearsals. Sabi ko na ito ang dapat na gagawin."

MORE MATURE ROLES. As JC explained, assuming the role of such a difficultcharacter made him virtually study macho dancers. As he finally took to thestage to perform his "dance number," did he feel nervous, or was he thinkingabout anything concerning his role like "Am I doing this right?"

"Actually yung iniisip ko noon ay yung outcome noong show,"JC revealed. "Kung after ba nitong ginagawa ko, e, kung ano ang kinalalabasan.Yun talaga yung iniisip ko. Isa ‘yon sa mga bagay na magpu-push sa akin kasiafter nitong character na gagawin ko, e, I'm sure maraming magkaka-interest,maraming projects, ganyan."

Since JC's already tackled this role, does this mean thathe'll be more open to similar projects? Does this mean that he'll welcome moremature roles?

After thinking for about a few seconds, JC answered,"Depende. Pero, stepping stone siya para sa isang actor na katulad ko paragumawa ng mga ganyan. Para siyempre maging open na ako sa more mature roles. Diba? Kasi ‘pag hindi mo susubukan, e, hindi ka maggu-grow, e."





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