PEP EXCLUSIVE: JC de Vera loves working with ABS-CBN talents; defends manager Annabelle Rama

Talent knows best. Talkingabout his manager, Annabelle Rama, young actor JC de Vera defended thecontroversial Gutierrez matriarch against her critics by saying, "Kaya ko magsalitathrough experience kasi never pa kong napagalitan ni Tita Annabelle, e, kayahindi ko masasabi talaga na masungit siya. Masungit siya ‘pag ginalit mo, perohindi siya magsusungit ‘pag wala kang ginawa."

Considered as one ofGMA-7's most promising young actors, JC de Vera candidly talked about how exciting itis to work alongside with other talents belonging to his home network's rivalstation.

"Wala akong kaso dun," saidJC to PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) when we visited the set of RegalEntertainment's upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival entry, Shake, Rattle and Roll Xat the old Regal office in Valencia St., San Juan.

Taking up a differentpartner for the film project, JC is paired this time with ABS-CBN's Roxanne Guinoowhere they portray lovers caught up in a tumultuous affair.

"I find it interestingtalaga ‘pag may shooting," said JC, his eyes glimmering with excitement. "Paratiakong looking forward na makatrabaho parati sila and makita ko sila, kasisiyempre bagong pakikisama, bagong friends."

When it comes to thelongstanding bitter rivalry between ABS-CBN and GMA-7, the goodlooking young actorsimply leaves all business matters to the network bosses. As professional actorstapped to work on a project, JC said that their priority remains simple: carryout the job required to the best of their abilities.

"Siyempre ‘pag nagkitadin kayo sa labas parang huwag na lang natin isipin ‘yang network war na ‘yan,parang at least magkasama tayo dito sa ganito maging friends tayo parang ganun,"explained JC.

TRYINGOTHER PARTNERS. "'Pag tinitingnan ko siya sa TV lagikong sinasabi, ‘Ang ganda-ganda nito!'" smiled JC, pertaining to screen partnerRoxanne.

As expected, the two starshad an awkward start right on the film's first day of shooting. "Siyemprekinakabahan ako dahil hindi ko pa nga siya kilala, first time ko lang siyana-meet dito," explained JC in recollection of their first meeting.

JC and Roxanne also hadto shoot a light kissing scene on their initial meeting. "'Yong pinakaunangeksena namin may halik kaagad, may kiss agad," smiled the young actor, "so naging professional siya, akodin naging professional."

The tension, however,didn't last long as all the stars—not just JC and Roxanne—found themselvesfeeling comfortable with each other as the shoot dragged on.


Said JC, "Parang ganunpa din ‘yong feeling ko nung first time ako nakatrabaho ng taga-ABS [-CBN], parang very friendly, very approachable silang lahat. Masarap ‘yong pakiramdam nanapagsasama ng Regal ‘yong mga artista from both networks."

Although largely identifiedby the viewers as Yasmien Kurdi's screen partner, JC welcomes the challenge ofbeing paired with other female celebrities. Just like every actor's desire totry out various roles, having different partners will also bolster one'sartistic growth according to him.

"Personally mas okayako dun na may choice akong makatrabaho ‘yong iba't ibang leading ladies kasidifferent experience ‘yan lahat, e. Matututo ka sa iba't ibang leading ladies, siyempre iba-ibang acting ang ginagawa ng mga 'yan so maggu-grow ako as anactor."

DEFENDINGANNABELLE. We took note of JC's sexy photos in GMA-7'snewest drama anthology Obra. Thesight of him baring skin prompted some to conclude that JC is now graduallytaking the sexy route to separate himself from his contemporaries in terms ofimage and packaging.

Totally aware of somepeople's observation, JC quickly reiterated that his role in the seriesrequires him to go sexy thus explaining the sudden image shift. Still, anddespite doing Obra, there is still noconcrete plan for him to go daring for other upcoming projects.

"Hindi ako nagde-decidengayon kung ano talaga ‘yong gusto kong mapuntahan in the future," he pointedout. "Ako naman kasi, mahalko lang ‘yong trabaho ko and pipilitin kong gawin ‘yong mga mahihirap na bagayfor the sake of my work, 'tapos siyempre by approval din ng manager ko. Kung anorin ‘yong gusto niya para sa ‘kin ‘yon din yong susundin ko.

"Kumbaga, nirerespeto ko lahat ng decisions niyan ni Tita Annabelle. Pero sa ngayon, sanakikita ko kasi, napapasabak ako parati sa drama. Hanggang ngayon, ‘yon pa rinyong dini-develop ko, ‘yon pa rin ‘yong pinag-aaralan kong mabuti and dun koginagalingan talaga."

JC regards Annabelle more like a mother to him rather than a mere manager. In light of all thenegative publicities and criticisms earned by the feisty Waray because of heralleged constant meddling when it comes to the career of her talents, especially her children (Ruffa, Raymond, and Richard Gutierrez), JC instinctivelydefended the controversial manager.


"Hindi ko siyama-describe as a manager," answered JC, shaking his head. "Kaya ko siyaidescribe as a mother kasi kung ano ‘yong trato niya sa akin, ganun din ‘yongpagtrato niya sa mga anak niya. Kasi siyempre ako din nag-iisang lalaki lang dinako na mina-manage niya aside from her sons."

Talking about Annabelle's"overprotectiveness" when it comes to her wards, JC painted a strict yet sympatheticimage of the Gutierrez matriarch: "Sobrang protective siya. Sobrang mapagmahal. Minsan nga nararamdaman ko parang tunay na anak na din niya ako kasi siyempre, kung ano 'yong gusto niya para sa anak niya, ganun din ‘yong gusto niya para sa ‘kin.

"Gusto niya ‘yong bestpara sa ‘kin, so kung anuman ‘yong maging decisions niya nirerespeto ko talagakaya wala akong masabi sa kanya. Kumbaga, lahat naman ng ginagawa niya may rasonkung bakit, kung nagagalit ba siya, lahat 'yon may rason, e. Kaya hindi akonakikipagtalo sa ibang tao. Siyempre poprotektahan ko siya kasi manager ko siya.Sinasabi ko nga sa ibang tao na, 'Hindi masungit ‘yan sobrang bait ‘yan!'" JC saidin closing.





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