Baron Geisler rebuts blog about his getting drunk in Venice

A showbiz web log (blog) recently putout an article about Baron Geisler getting drunk at the recently concludedVenice International Film Festival in Italy. Baron contradicts the report by relating his experiences after the event.

It seems that alcohol-related issues can't leaveBaron Geisler alone. One such controversy surfaced on a showbiz weblog (blog), which claimed that the actor got drunk and went wild in Venice, thus missing his flight back to the Philippines.

Baron left last month to attend the Venice International FilmFestival, representing the country with the indie film Jay.

The award-winning actor got wind of the news only last night,and was very surprised. He explained to The Buzz, "After the awards night, may cocktails, may kainan. Maymga champagne pero everything went okay naman. Tikim-tikim lang."

Furthermore, he added, it wasimpossible for such a scenario to take place since the Italians arevery strict. "Kung ganoon, e, dapat nakulong ako, kasi walangnalalasing sa Italy. Kinukulong at saka sobrang strict ng mga tao doon."

The blog also mentioned that Baron nearly got himself into another case and almost got detainedin Venice. Baron mused, "Wow! Hindi koalam kung saan nakuha ang mga kuwentong ito. Pero siguro kung na-detain ako, e,malaking issue sa Pilipinas ‘yan."

WHYHE WAS DELAYED. Baron arrived in Manila last September 9. Though it was true that he got delayed, Baron calmly told The Buzz thathis ticket could not be rebooked. "Hindi na puwedeng i-rebook, e. Parang promosiya, e. Actually September 7 sana [pero hindi puwede], so I had to stay."

Contradictory to the blog's report, Baron said he enjoyed his stay in Venice.

"Ang sarap," smiled Baron as he recalled hisexperiences in Venice, "dahil nakita ko sina Brad Pitt, si George Clooney. Ihad fun din dahil ako lang mag-isa, pumupunta ako sa beach and mababait mga taodoon, e."

AGAINST THE NORM. Becauseof his recent controversial issues in and around showbiz, Baron has been labeled the "Bad Boy of Star Magic." How does Baron feel about this?

"I'm not a bad boy," laughed Baron. "I think I'mjust a tough guy lang. I go against the norm, e, na tinatawag like yung rolesna tinatanggap ko. Now I'm really doing my best para asikasuhin yung buhay koand yung career ko para dire-diretso."






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