PEP EXCLUSIVE: "Everything is under control."—Gabby Concepcion

Gabby Concepcion will talk about the issues involving him once he gets the go-signal from his lawyer. Right now, he just wants to tell his fans that he is okay, and still busy as ever.

"Nagulat ako," Gabby Concepcion said when asked about the P22-million civil case filed by talent manager Rose Flaminiano against him. His voice was calm, devoid of any emotion.

During the break of his photo shoot, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) got the chance to have a five-minute phone conversation with him earlier today, September 18. His only request: "Stick to the issue, please."

The last time he saw his talent manager was last Monday, September 15. "Three days ago, nagkita kami. Okay naman," related the 43-year old actor. "Sinabi niya, hindi siya magdedemanda."

But the next day, September 16, PEP contributor Roldan Castro put out an article saying that Mommy Rose, her famous name in showbiz, planned to file a P15-million peso lawsuit against her ward that day.

And then, yesterday, September 17, she gathered the press and media people at the Hotel Rembrandt in Quezon City, to give details about the "P22-million Specific Performance and Damages withApplication For Writ of Preliminary Injunction and Prayer for TemporaryRestraining Order" that she filed with lawyer, Atty. Bonifacio Alentajan, at the Quezon City Regional Trial Court.

She said in tears, "Kung ano ang kailangang gawin, ginawa ko naman. Nakabaliksiya, ‘ayan, isa na siyang Gabby Concepcion. Pero all of a sudden, bakitnagkaganun? Para niya akong binasura. Bakit?"

Rose was referring to the letter of Gabby asking that his contract be "terminated effective immediately."

For Gabby's part, work resumes. Despite the recent controversies surrounding him, he is unfazed. "Everything is under control," he said.

He's been in touch with his lawyer, and he couldn't tell his immediate next steps yet. "Right now, it could go either way...Hindi natin alam kung ano ang mangyayari."

On the question about his bookings and schedules, he neither confirmed nor denied whether it's still the group of his talent manager handling them. One sure thing is that is that even if there's a TRO (Temprary Restraining Order) that takes effect today, September 18, Mommy Rose will still get a 20 percent commission from the incoming projects of Gabby. The TRO will be lifted after 45 days.


His apologetic statement was: "I really cannot talk that much."

The last question was about Nadia Montenegro. Mommy Rose said that the Iisa Ka Lamang actor was ill-advised by his "sulsoltants." Is there any truth to the claim?

"I have no idea," was the parting shot of Gabby.

PEP did not budge. At present, the former matinee idol is in a vulnerable position. Any public statement he issues may be taken as detrimental to the case. Is he going to remain a talent of Rose? Or is he going to fight her in court? It's hard to read Gabby's mind, but it's safe to assume that the guy just wants things to be fair and peaceful.





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