Sunshine Dizon makes screen comeback via "Obra"

A rejuvenated Sunshine Dizon will be seen in thismonth's installment of Obra. Sunshinewill play four different roles in the episodes "Rosa Negra," "Drama Queen," "Butch,"and "Sapi."

Young actress SunshineDizon is back after taking a leave from show business for herhospitalization a few months back. For her comeback vehicle, Sunshine waschosen by GMA-7 to star in the drama anthology Obrafor the month ofOctober.

Sunshine clarified thather poor health was caused by incessant migraine attacks, not depression orany other serious illness, as previously speculated.

"Hindi ko naman itinagona ever since naman talaga, everybody knew I have really bad migraine and thatwas the reason why I was hospitalized for about a month and a half," explainedSunshine to the members of the press last October 3, at a pressconference held at the Imperial Palace Suites on Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

GOD'SWILL. To counter these chronic attacks, Sunshinedeveloped a habit of dashing straight to the nearest hospital forpowerful painkiller injections. These sudden trips to the hospital becamefrequent particularly during tapings.

"Siyempre, ayaw mo naman ma-pack-up ‘yongshooting," she reasoned.

Sunshine eventually gotso used with the medication that her body soon demanded more than the normaldosage. Aware of some people's tendency to benarrow-minded in dealing with a situation like hers, Sunshine politelyoffered, "People can be judgmental because they're not knowledgeable with whatI'm going through."

Despite beingsidelined, which in effect forced her home network to hand some projectsoriginally intended for her to fellow stars, Sunshine believes that the incidentwas God's will of freeing her from the previous medication. The long rest led theyoung actress to discover alternative medicines that would help soothe her recurringmigraine attacks.

"I'm trying to shunaway from taking too many medications din," said Sunshine, who has resorted to naturalmeans.

BACKON TRACK. For her television return, Sunshine is happy andproud to be given the lead role in Obra,following Katrina Halili and JC de Vera.

Sunshine's Obra stint will feature four storiesdirected by four equally good directors. The episodes "Rosa Negra," "Drama Queen,""Butch," and "Sapi" are by topnotch directors Joel Lamangan, Maryo J.delos Reyes, Toppel Lee, and Jun Lana.


"Actually, they [GMA-7management] really made sure that the stories that will be given to me is sanadaw ma-challenge ako, which is very challenging naman," said Sunshine.

In "Butch," Sunshine takes on therole of a lesbian who experiences the joy and misery of being a surrogate momonly to lose her child. She assumes the role of a has-been actress ravaged by vices whilestill pining for a lost love in "Drama Queen." In "Rosa Negra,"Sunshine portrays a negrita who remains hopeful in a world ofcynicism. The last episode, in time for the Halloween, is "Sapi," in whichSunshine portrays the role of a woman possessed by an evil spirit with asinister past.

ObraPresents Sunshine Dizon will premiere this Thursday,October 9, after GMA Telebabad.





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