Ely Buendia graces Cinemanila opening rites

Ely Buendia made his first public appearance after the aborted reunion concert of the Eraserheads last August 30. The singer-songwriter was spotted during the opening of Dekada Cinemanila International Film Festival.

The opening ceremony of Dekada Cinemanila last night,October 16, marked the start of a film festival that aims to showcase the bestof world cinema. In his speech last night,Cinemanila festival director Amable "Tikoy" Aguiluz VI told the audience aboutthis year's theme.

"Filipino filmmakers now are able to tell unique Filipino stories. Ang amingtheme sa taong ito ay ‘Isigaw ang kuwento ng Pilipino sa mundo. Raise yourvoices, tell our stories.' And Filipino stories are being talked about in Pusan [South Korea]and Berlin [Germany]," he reveals.

"Hindi po kami nagsisisi, not once did we regret acting on the crazy idea oforganizing an international film festival without support of Imelda Marcos. Ourobjective was to promote Philippine cinema and I think we were able to achievethat objective. Kami ay nagpapasalamat sa inyo dahil kung walang audience ngmga pelikulang ito, ng mga independent films, hindi kami tatagal ng ten years."

Another innovation this year is the introduction of theCine-barangay, an experiment that Cinemanila organizers will be doing in orderto make films more accessible to the public.

Direk Tikoy explains, "We are working now with Marikina mayor [MaridesFernando] para dalhin ang mga pelikula sa barangay. Susubukan natin kung angmga independent films ay kayang tanggapin ng tinatawag nating ‘masa.'"

One of the low-key guests that evening was Ely Buendia,former frontman of the band Eraserheads. During the unfinished August 30concert of the Pinoy rock band, Ely suffered chest pain and had to be rushed tothe hospital. PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) was able to talk with Elyprior to the brief program of Cinemanila.


"I'm here to support Cinemanila and the local indie filmscene in general," says the rock icon who said he watched the entries ofCinemanila last year.

Earlier this year, Ely starred in an eight-minute short filmtitled Spoonfeed. How did he get involved with the project?

"Oo, parang favor lang yun kay Saab Magalona [Francis Magalona's daughter] for theirworkshop. I've never acted before but the material was good," said Ely, who is now the frontman of Pupil.

When asked if there are plans to stage another concert for the E-heads fans, heanswered briefly, "We're still waiting for the right people to organize."

The hosts for the evening were Ana Capri and KennethMoraleda, a Fil-Am actor who played a Cambodian refugee in the film LuckyMiles.

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