Bea Alonzo just wants a boyfriend who is "very real"

"Masarap magmahal, masarap mahalin, pero right now, nakakatakot, e," says Bea Alonzo about not having a boyfriend after her breakup with Mico Palanca (inset).

When Bea Alonzo and Mico Palanca broke up earlier this year, they remained mum about the real reason for their breakup. Thus, the issue was forgotten by the public, and the former couple moved on with their lives.

But after explaining that she has no romantic relationship with Jake Cuenca, Bea was asked point blank, "Pero have you ever loved someone?" To which Bea replied, "In the past, oo. Alam naman ng lahat na it's Mico [Palanca]."

Mico, according to Bea, became her boyfriend for one and a half years. But Bea added that it can be considered more than four years, since he courted her for three years. Mico is the younger brother of actor Bernard Palanca.

At the press conference of her newest endorsement, Belo Essentials, last October 30, at the Steak Town Restaurant on Sgt. Esquerra Street, Quezon City, the entertainment media took the opportunity to probe the details of the Bea-Mico breakup.

Bea tried to stay away from the topic by saying, "Siyempre, personal na 'yon. It's more of a mature choice."

Then she continued, "Wala talaga, marami nang rason 'yon, parang malalim na reason. Malalim na 'yon, parang it was a mature decision for both of us, na we're not growing together as one. Wala kaming isyu, wala kaming away na nababalita outside. It's because what we had was a mature relationship. We both agreed on something na, ‘Okay, parang we both love each other, so mas gusto natin na mas mapaganda ang buhay ng isa't isa.'"


To prove that their separation was not hostile, Bea told the media, "I still have his number, he still has my number, pero hindi na kami nag-uusap talaga, e. It's gonna be weird naman kung ano, di ba? Normal lang 'yon."

She also expressed gratitude for having Mico as part of her life. When a reporter asked if she was looking for someone like Mico, the 21-year-old actress replied, "Hindi, siyempre, it's not about [comparing]. Marami siyang [Mico] naitulong sa akin, marami siyang naituro sa akin to be a better person.

"Wala, ang hirap naman mag-compare. Mico is gonna be Mico. I mean, Mico is gonna be Mico in my heart. Walang makaka-replace sa kanya, kasi naging parte siya ng buhay ko, so wala siyang kapareha."

As of now, Bea said, no one is courting her: "Right now, if you're asking me kung mayroon nagko-court o ano, wala pa. Siguro kasi, araw-araw din akong nagtratrabaho."

Isn't it because she's too strict about the qualities she's looking for in a guy?

"Wala nga, e!" Bea answered laughing. "Nakakatawa kasi napakasimple lang naman ng mga gusto ko. Hindi naman talaga ako... wala talaga akong qualifications. Dati, idealistic ako noong mas bata ako. Pero ngayon, kung ano ang makita ko, gusto ko 'yong totoo."

She stressed, "Gusto ko, very real, kasi sa mundong 'to minsan ka na lang makakita ng totoo, di ba? It's really a gem, so ang gusto ko lang, 'yong totoo. Non-showbiz or showbiz, hindi ko alam."





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