Anne Curtis finally confesses how she and Sam Milby broke up

AnneCurtis denied reports that newcomer Mikaela, who has the same manager as Sam, was the reason for her breakup with Sam Milby. There was definitely no third party, Anne categorically said.She defended Mikaela by saying, "Little sister ang turingniya. Unfair siguro sa girl na pagbibintangan siya na cause of breakup."

Anne Curtis finally speaks up about her emotional breakupwith Sam Milby. Through The Buzz's "True Confessions" segment, Annerecounted to host Kris Aquino her story of the days when she was still with Sam and wheneverything ended.

"Okay, let's start at the very beginning." Kris began, "Neverkasi kayo umamin na naging kayo. Pero may category kayo na nagsabi na, ‘Oo,kami ni Sam.' So, kailan pa kayo talaga?"

"Inamin na rin namin dati. First quarterof 2007," Anne replied.

Did the problems start when Dyosa, Anne's fantaserye with Sam, premiered?

"No, when we started Dyosa, we were fine," Anne said."Siguro mga September."

So who initiated the breakup?

"He asked to stop exclusively dating. Kailangan niya siguro i-concentrate ang entire relationship namin with God. Medyomahirap, pero I understand," she said.

What about the third-party rumor?

"Yun talaga ang puwede ko na i-share, na walang thirdparty. On both parts, walang third party," she stressed.


Has Sam tried to talk to her? Did he try to work thingsout with her?

"Mag-uusap kami," she said. "Hindi pa, kasi parehas kamibusy. So, mag- uusap kami pag okay na"

How much does she still love Sam?

"Whatever feelings I had for him before..." Anne began, andthen she broke off. "Now, I'm better now."

Does Sam have any idea that Anne is going to speak up aboutthem?

"Alam niya na mayroon akong interview. Sinabi ko nakinakabahan ako at sinabi naman niya na alam niya I'll be okay."

Since Sam knew that Anne was going to appear on The Buzz, does Anne have any message for him?

"I'm looking forward na mag-usap tayo, so we can fix ourworking relationship, our friendship, and I'm looking forward to having talkswith you again," said Anne.

NOT MEANT TO BE. Fate may have decided thatSam and Anne break up. But for Anne, it was a decision she is willing toswallow. "Masakit," admitted Anne, "pero tatanggapin ko."


Since Anne and Sam both work inABS-CBN, the former couple are bound to cross paths. Would Anne, for example,be able to bear seeing Sam walking hand-in-hand with another girl?

"Masakit, pero malalampasan," she said.

Everyone close to Anne is affected with this issueconcerning her and Sam. Does she have anything to say to those involved?

"Unang-una, huwag kayong magalit kay Sam," Anne said."Pinagdaanan ko naman din ang pinagdaanan niya ngayon, kaya huwag kayongmagalit sa kanya. Si Sam kasi, I know he has such a good heart..."

How does Anne feel now?

"Physically, I can say na kahit pagod sa trabaho, masaya akowith my work," smiled Anne. "Emotionally, I'm getting better. I guess kasingayon, may sariling struggles din ako. Hindi ako perfect na Christian. May mgakailangan din akong ayusin sa spiritual relationship ko din with God. Sam gaveme a chance to do that."

Is Anne ready to date again?


"Hindi pa. Hindi pa siguro. I'm merely notready dahil may kailangan din akong iasikaso sa sarili ko," she replied.


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