Jake Cuenca pleads: Leave Bea Alonzo out of "bugbugan" issue with Roxanne Guinoo

"Wala naman na kaming problema ni Roxanne[Guinoo], e. We have no problems. So, 'yong sa akin lang, I really hope nasana hindi na siya [Bea Alonzo] talaga idawit sa isyu o kahit ano pa mang isyusa amin ni Roxanne," pleads Jake Cuenca about dragging BeaAlonzo's name in the rumored "bugbugan issue" between him and Roxanne.

In a recent interview with Bea Alonzo, the lead star of I Love BettyLa Fea, did not deny that she is affected by reports linking herto the "bugbugan" issue between former couple Jake Cuenca and RoxanneGuinoo. (Click here to read article.)

She said, "Lagi ko naman sinasabi 'yon,dapat hindi na dina-drag ang pangalan ko. Kasi as far as I'm concerned, walanaman akong alam doon sa nangyari sa kanila. Wala akong nakita, wala akongginawa." (Click here to read article.)

So, when PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) spotted JakeCuenca yesterday, November 19, at the opening of the new store of Fox clothingbrand at Greenbelt 5, Makati City, we asked his reaction about this. However, before the interview, Jakerequested, "Wala pong about the 'issue', ha?"

Jake did not talk about the "bugbugan" issue but he seconded Bea's statement. "Yeah. That's exactly what I said din naman. That's exactly what I said in any interview about it. I think, ang message ko rin naman foreveryone—for the press or maybe for the people who know about the issue—Ithink, she should really be left out of it."


The actor said that Bea has nothing to do with the issue, noris she even connected to his breakup with Roxanne.

"I mean, honestly, ever since namanwala naman talaga siyang kinalaman, e. In the very beginning... Well, from my breakup with Roxanne, everything,wala talaga siyang kinalaman. So, Ireally hope that she's taken away from the issue," pleads Jake.

He added, "Walanaman na kaming problema ni Roxanne, e. We have no problems. So, 'yongsa akin lang, I really hope na sana hindi na siya talaga idawit sa isyu o kahitano pa mang isyu sa amin ni Roxanne.Kasi, pagdating sa amin ni Roxanne, wala talaga siyang kinalaman."

But is it true that he and Bea are not seeing each other anymore?

"No, it's because we're both very busy. Sobrang busy rin talaga kaming dalawa but wesee each other every Sunday in ASAP," he replied.

Since Jake did not want to talk about the issueanymore, the young actor just reiterated his request, "'Yon lang, sana talaga,please, ang pakiusap ko na lang talaga na sana she's left out of it kasi walatalaga siyang kinalaman from the beginning till whenever."


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