Elmer Felix is the fifth eliminado of "Pinoy Fear Factor"

Veterinarian Elmer Felix is the fifth person eliminated from Pinoy Fear Factor: Argentina, South America.

If he only held his breath for four more seconds, participante Elmer Felix wouldn't be on his way home to the Philippines as the fifth eliminado of Pinoy Fear Factor: Argentina, South America.

That's how close the fight was in the final challenge of the quinta ronda de eliminacion, which saw the participantes trying to escape from a zipped bag while handcuffed and submerged underwater.

Elmer and LJ Moreno both failed the feared "Houdini stunt," which is named after the famous escape artist Harry Houdini. The pre-school teacher was able to stay in the water longer with 11 seconds, though, while Elmer lasted only eight seconds.

This makes Elmer the fifth person sent back to the Philippines after aspiring chef Jose Sarasola, TV host Phoemela Baranda, basketball hunk Ram Sagad, and sexy model Gail Nicolas.

The Promdi Veterinarian managed to last as far as the fifth round despite getting sick and almost collapsing during the early part of the contest. He also swallowed a live cockroach last week.

Manuel, on the other hand, has been dubbed as the "king of stunts" after easily finishing the challenge, which many participantes all over the world had walked out from. With his new feat, host Ryan Agoncillo baptized the struggling businessman as "Super-Manuel."

While Manuel may start gaining fans among viewers with his latest performance, the case may not be the same in El Campo Miedo. With his confidence booming, Manuel is an even bigger threat to remaining pump boys Jommy and RJ.

To fan the flames, eliminated pump boys Jose and Elmer also related their issues about "Super-Manuel," who allegedly has a personality that's different from what he shows on camera.


In fact, Elmer felt bad when Manuel told him: "You're going down, Doc!" Jose then theorized that it is part of Manuel's game plan to befriend and help the girls in the stunts, because the chicas will be easier competition for him in the final rounds of elimination to win the P2 million cash prize, house and lot, and the title El Ultimo Participante.

NON-ELIMINATION ROUND. Speaking of elimination, the participantes take a breather from the contest but not the action, as they fight in an even more terrifying non-elimination round to win a video call from the Philippines and, eventually, win P50,000.

Manuel Chua Jr., Jommy Teotico, Marion dela Cruz, and LJ will each have a chance to talk to their loved ones from home after nailing the "moving structure stunt." Janna will also join them in the second stunt for the chance to win P50,000.

But after winning the video call, a participante will regret learning about heartbreaking news from home.

See who's the fearless participante brought to tears on Pinoy Fear Factor, Monday to Friday on ABS-CBN, after Eva Fonda. Catch the highlights of the week on PFF: Special Edition every Saturday at 7:30pm on Studio 23.





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