Cherry Pie Picache: "Ayaw ko na ng prestige, gusto ko na ng cash!"

"It's a gift. It's either you have it or not. Personally, for me, it's the other half of my being, one is my motherhoodand the other half is my craft," says Cherry Pie Picache about her acting talent.

After her remarkable portrayal as Isadora Castillejos in IisaPa Lamang, viewers have always been looking forward to Cherry Pie Picache'snext project. As a villain, she wasable to draw a lot of attention from the Pinoy televiewiers—some hated hercharacter while most recognized her talent in acting.

When she was told about the positive reactionof the audience on her role as Isadora, the multi-awarded actress said that she is very grateful thather efforts were appreciated.

In an interview after the press conference of Tayong Dalawalast night, January 7, at Teatrino, Greenhills in San Juan City, Cherry Pie saidthat this has always been her goal ever since she entered showbiz.

"When I entered the industry, I really just want to be astar, I really wanted to be known as a good actress—not just a characteractress, but a good actress," said Cherry Pie, who plays the role of Marlene, the mother of Gerald Anderson.

Cherry Pie considers the reaction of the audience to be asimportant as the numerous awards that she has received.

"I really appreciate when I feel that I'mappreciated. Kasi, 'yon nga, inrelation to be a star, siyempre 'yon ang compensation namin. I mean, let's face it, it's not as much aswe're supposed to be getting, but isa sa pinakamasarap na pakiramdam is to feelna appreciated 'yong ginagawa mo sa trabaho."

However, the character actress has also become vocal aboutthe rewards given to good actors in the country. Cherry Pie said, "That's why I've always been sayingngayon na ayaw ko na ng prestige, gusto ko na ng cash.

"I'd be a hypocrite na it[award] does not matter, of course, it does matter. Pero with the system that we have, I mean, we don't have the system likeHollywood naman. So, with the systemthat we have, kumbaga, 'yon na lang ang nag-i-inspire sa'yo, isa 'yon samag-i-inspire sa 'yo, di ba, to continue or else mapu-frustrate ka nangmapu-frustrate."


HUNDRED PERCENT PERFORMANCE. One of the reasons Cherry Pie wasable to do great performances in every role was her dedication to herjob as an actress.

The actress related that whenever she portrays a character,she never thinks of the awards that she may get, instead she just gives her 100 percent in acting.

She stated, "Basta any given role that's given to me, I makesure that I give it 100 percent, di ba? 'Yon lang naman 'yon, e. I don'tthink kung mananalo ba ako ng award dito, ganyan.

"Kasi once na inisip ko na kailangan akong makakuha ngawards dito, kailangan kong tumatak ito, I think that's the start of my downfall as an actor. Kasi conscious ka na, 'tapos may objectiveka na. E, hindi naman dapat ganun.

"Lalong na-inspire ako kapag meaty ang role. Di ba, it's such an honor 'cause there's somuch room to play with? So, talagangnag-e-enjoy ako, naglalaro ako, not knowing na doon sa paglalaro ko atpag-eeksperimento, it was refreshing for the audience."

TIPS FOR YOUNGER GENERATION. Cherry Pie has already receivedaround 10 acting distinctions from different award-giving bodies such as Gawad Urian, Star Awards, Golden Screen Awards, and FAMAS. Her skill as an actor,especially in independent films, has already been recognized by different filmfestivals abroad.

Cherry Pie has some useful tips to her youngco-actors in Tayong Dalawa—Jake Cuenca, Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson.

Willingness is the number one key to stay longer inshowbiz industry.

"Ang importante namannadoon ang willingness, e, di ba? Hindika naman sasabak na magaling ka kaagad. You have to hone it, you discipline it, you develop it, just like mewhen I was starting."

She added, "With them naman, makikita mo naman 'yongpassion to learn. 'Tapos ang maganda sakanila, 'yong willingness, 'yong passion nila for the craft, topped with goodbehavior, na lagi kong ngang sinasabi na sana huwag magbago."


Another pointer that she gave was studying the role given tothe actor. "Sa akin, I always do 'yongimmersion with the character. Immersionsa character, doing your homework. I always say na dapat meron nitotalaga. 'Tapos, sincerity lang. Do your homework. Dapat talaga pinagaaralan mo, hindi ka naman puwedeng sumabaknang hindi mo napag-aaralan."

Cherry Pie sees these three young actors as standing apart from other new actors of their generation..

"I always say that it's always exciting withthese young stars, which I always don't say. I don't always say this all the time. I don't always say na okay ang young stars, lahat. But with the three of them, I must say thatI'm proud of them because they work hard, 'tapos talented, hindi mayabang."





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