Pinoy Fear Factor participante Jose Sarasola open to showbiz offers

When asked if he has plans to enter showbiz, Pinoy Fear Factor eliminated participante answered: "If offers come up, yeah. I tried FearFactor, so showbiz is parang another challenge. So, why not try it as well?"

Even before the start of the ABS-CBN reality show Pinoy FearFactor, Fil-Spanish "participante" Jose Sarasola had already hit the entertainmentheadlines when people started linking him to the nude photos and video of anunidentified man that circulated on the Internet. (Click here to readrelated article.)

Although Jose already denied that he was the guy in thosephotos and video, the entertainment press still asked him about it during themedia junket prepared for the six eliminated "participantes" of Pinoy FearFactor last January 14.

The 22-year-old student said that he wasreally clueless on how he was linked to the scandal.

"At the start po, I was shocked, parang I was wondering nathe show didn't even air yet, but then these things come out about me. At first, well, my parents were shockedtalaga about it. Pero me, I knew talagain my heart na hindi talaga ako 'yon, so it was easy to accept," he said to PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

The issue did not only affect him but also his parents, especially his Spanish father, who later on questioned his decision to join PinoyFear Factor.

Jose related, "My dad talaga got really angry na, ‘Why did youjoin this show? Look what's happeningnow! When you join showbiz, thesethings come out, scandals!' ganyan-ganyan.

"After thescandal, parang na-ano na siya, na parang, ‘See, you joined showbiz, tingnan moang nangyayari.' My mom talaga was sadtalaga pero I assured them naman na hindi ako. I really don't know why it came out parang malas lang na ako ang napili,di ba?"

Instead of being disappointed, Jose said that he did not bother to find out where the issue started. "Hindi na po[inimbistegahan] kasi hindi naman po talaga ako. I didn't find a way to look for the person, kasi hindi namantalaga ako, e," he repeated.

After his stint in Pinoy Fear Factor, everything wentback to normal in Jose's life. Theaspiring chef continued his Culinary Arts course in La Salle College of St.Benilde and is expected to graduate next month.


As of now, the aspiring chef is still thinking whether hewould put up his own restaurant or try his luck in showbiz.

With his father being shocked by the scandal issue, willhe still be allowed to enter show business?

"Well, my dad naman, he learned from that na as long asyou're not in there, whatever they're saying, basta hindi ikaw, okay lang," Jose quipped.

So, does this mean he's now ready to be part of the showbizindustry?

"If offers come up, yeah. I tried Fear Factor, so showbiz is parang anotherchallenge. So, why not try it as well?" answered Jose.





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