RJ Calipus eliminated in septima ronda de eliminacion of Pinoy Fear Factor

Bernabe "RJ" Calipus did not make it in the third challenge.

Wharf porter Bernabe "RJ" Calipus from Tondo was the 7th participante eliminated in Pinoy Fear Factor: Argentina, South America. The culmination of the séptima Ronda de eliminación (Elimination Round 7) was aired last Friday, January 30.

In this round, six participantes labeled as the Saistig (Sais na Astig) vied to survive the challenges in the seventh round to determine who will take home the cash prize, a house and lot, and the title of El Ultimo Participante.

THE FIRST CHALLENGE. The participantes had to lie down inside a transparent glass coffin being submerged underwater in a stunt called Cofre en el Agua (Coffin in Water). At the signal of a pilot light, the participante must open the lock of the glass coffin using one of three keys tied to their hands to release themselves from the glass coffin and swim toward the edge of the pool marked with the logo. The fastest participante to finish the stunt will be exempted from the next round.

Marion Cruz and Jommy Teotico were exempted from the succeeding rounds of séptima ronda de eliminación, finishing the stunt at 19 and 20 seconds, respectively. Marion was shocked after hearing the result because he didn't even expect to finish the stunt himself. Even though Marion has always done a great job at the stunts, he panicked this time and he felt tense in frightful stunts, so PFF host Ryan Agoncillo branded him "Quintin Tarantahin."

Manuel Chua and Savannah Lamsen clocked in identical times of 26 seconds each, but Savannah was penalized with five additional seconds for holding the lock and keys before the pilot light's signal was given.


Janna Dominguez finished the challenge in 42 seconds while RJ was the only one unable to finish the stunt since he quit after 24 seconds.

Four of them had to move to the second challenge of séptima ronda de eliminación.

THE SECOND CHALLENGE. Caja del Terror (Box of Terror) was the name of the challenge that the four participantes had to face. They had to lie inside a box that is divided into three sections, one at the head, one surrounding the feet and the middle section, each to be filled with either rats, snakes, or frogs. The challenge was to transfer a number of animals placed in the middle section into a fish tank next to the box in a span of three minutes. The fastest person to accomplish the stunt would be exempted from competing in the third stunt.

All of them were tasked to transfer 15 frogs. Savannah was able to transfer 12 frogs in three minutes. RJ was able to transfer 15 frogs in 39 seconds, but one frog landed out of the fish tank and another ended up in another compartment of the box, thus putting the official count at 13.

Both Manuel and Janna were able to completely transfer 15 frogs, but Janna did it two seconds faster than Manuel having 1 minute and 45 seconds versus 1 minute and 47 seconds, thus saving her from the third round.

THE THIRD CHALLENGE. In preparation of the third stunt, a test explosion triggered by the PFF staff caught the attention of the local police. So as to avoid troubles with the police force, all production was suspended until the next day in a different location.


For the third stunt, Manuel, Savannah and RJ tried out a giant wire loop game in Circuito con Explosiones (Circuit with Explosions). The stunt was a real heart-stopping feat because if the wire touches the giant electrical hoop, it will trigger a fiery explosion behind the participante.

Manuel was the first one to try the stunt after being chosen by his co-participante, Savannah. He initially felt unwanted by the group but it turned that he was the only to complete the stunt with a time of 1:28.

Since both RJ and Savannah set off explosions, the distance achieved became the basis for the decision of the judges. Savannah managed to loop 2.97 meters of the wire, while RJ crossed only 2.6 meters, making him the seventh person to fly back home to the Philippines.

As Pinoy Fear Factor nears its conclusion, the challenges are also getting more intense. Next week, the remaining five participantes would be competing in Octava Ronda de Eliminación (Elimination Round 8) where they will be facing other extreme stunts.

Find out how the remaining participantes—Marion Cruz, Jommy Teotico, Savannah Lamsen, Janna Dominguez, and Manuel Chua—will deal with their fears. Pinoy Fear Factor: Argentina, South America airs every night on ABS-CBN, after Eva Fonda. Also watch PFF every Saturdays at 7 p.m. on Studio 23.





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