KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez are in sync on "Don't Lie to Me"

KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez are open to the possibility that the both of them may enter into a relationship. It's been said though that another guy is courting KC. Read on to find out Richard's response to KC's challenge.

KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez were both strapped to lie detector machines for Showbiz Central's "Don't Lie to Me" segment hosted by John "Sweet" Lapus on Sunday, February 8. As the love team sat with the lie-detector wires on them, Richard gave KC some advice on relaxing. "Steady lang tayo, steady," he grinned.

John started out with a smile: "Sa presscon ng inaabangan na When I Met You, nasabi ninyo na hindi niyo first time i-celebrate ang Valentines this year. Last year, e nag-date kayo. Yes or no?"

"Yes," Richard and KC answered in unison.

The machines turned out "Truth" and Richard volunteered to explain to the fans where they spent last year's Valentine's. "Wala sa Pilipinas, eh," he said. "May first few times na nagkita kami ni KC, so kinikilala pa namin ang isa't isa."

What did KC and Richard do then?

"Yeah, magkasama kami last year at wala pa kaming kontrata with GMA or ABS-CBN noon, so parang wala pa ako sa showbiz noon," KC explained. "Movie yata, yun."

Next question: "Totoo ba na pag hindi kayo kasama sa shooting ng When I Met You, magdamag kayong magkausap sa cell phone. Yes or no?"

Again both answered "Yes" and the lie detectors affirmed it as truth. KC was asked to explain on how long she and Richard spent time on the phone.

"Hindi ko na na-time, eh," KC said. "Pinaguusapan namin mga hilig namin, like travels, etc."

So, who called first? Richard?

"Oo naman," Richard admitted. "Siyempre, kailangan ko mag-reach out. Pero si KC, masipag din mag-update sa text."

"Friends kasi mga PA namin, e!" KC laughed. "Actually sila ang nagtatawagan."

The third question was quite difficult. John asked, "Pag ma-trap kayo sa isang isla, gusto niyo ba na makasama ang inyong mga nanay?"

Richard and KC once again in perfect unison gave a loud, long "No!" Sensing their conviction, the machines agreed. When asked to explain, Richard said, "Huwag naman sasama loob nila. Sa tingin ko, eh hindi sila fit na ma-stranded sa isang island."


"Nakaka-pressure pag maraming sumasali," KC added. "Di ba, hindi natural ang magiging ano..."

The next question was, "Was there ever a time na pinagselosan ninyo ang mga na-link sa isa't isa?"

Both answered no, but their answers seemed to fail the machine's senses. Richard's turned out as a lie. "Bakit lie?!" he playfully demanded as KC laughed about the result. She, too, ended up with a lie.

Asked to explain, KC could only say, "Hindi, wala talaga po!"

So, is Richard the jealous type?

"Richard has a way of making his leading ladies feel very secure on set," KC revealed. "So, professionally, he is very maalaga. Talagang ikaw lang yung focus niya at aalagaan niya."

"Alam ko hindi, eh," Richard said, still confused with the lie detector's result. "Pero natural lang naman yun, e."

The last question was, "Mauuwi ba ang friendship niyo sa isang relasyon?"

KC and Richard slowly looked up and answered softly in unison, "Yes."

The lie detector gave their answers as the truth and the fans went wild. After the fans' reaction died down, Richard explained, "Yung future hindi naman natin malalaman, di ba? Hindi naman kaagad ako nagde-decide or nagsasara ng door sa opportunities. Alam naman ni KC na maganda ang samahan namin at magkasundo kami sa maraming bagay. So, why not, di ba?"

KC added, smiling, "Sa akin din, hindi malalaman ang mangyayari. Hindi sa amin naka-depend yun. Kami din magkasama for the last months. Sa akin, important yun in any relationship to be."

Before he ended the segment, John told Richard that he has heard news about KC entertaining another suitor. What does Richard have to say about KC's statement, "May the best man win"?

A confident Richard replied, "May the best man win."

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