Actor Johnny Delgado says most of his cancer cells are gone

"Maraming milagrong nangyari sa akin, sa bahay, sa mga kasama ko...ang dami. Ang sarap ng may Diyos ka!" exclaims actor Johnny Delgado.

Last year, news came out about Johnny Delgado's illness and it said that the award-winning actor had colon cancer. When Startalk spotted Johnny at Jinggoy Estrada's birthday party last February 20, Johnny gave an update on his health.

"Noong una, akala ko cancer of the colon," said Johnny, who is the husband of actress-director Laurice Guillen. "Kaya sabi ko na close-open na ako. The cancer spread all over the body. When I went to [the hospital], the CT scan, nakita talaga na buo na ang cancer na 'yan...sarado na ang buong system ko. Binigyan ako ng two weeks to live."

After being informed that his days were numbered, Johnny just left everything to the Lord.

"All the while, I'm in prayer," Johnny said. "Hindi naman ako pababayaan, e."

What was thought to be cancer of the colon, however, turned out to be something else. "May biopsy pa, naiwan," said Johnny. "Noong lumabas yung biopsy, e, nagsigawan mga doctor!"

As it turned out, Johnny had lymphoma. According to, lymphoma is a type of cancer involving cells of the immune system, called lymphocytes. Just as cancer represents many different diseases, lymphoma represents many different cancers of lymphocytes—about 35 different subtypes, in fact.

The good news was, Johnny learned that lymphoma is treatable. "Chemo would melt it like butter," Johnny was told by his doctor.

Another good news is that Johnny is responding well to the treatment. "Up to now, they gave me six cycles of chemo. After my third chemo, pinasok ulit ako sa CT scan para malaman kung I'm responding or kung may problema."

The doctors discovered that 85 percent Johnny's cancer was gone after the third chemo.

"I'm responding well and I'm doing okay," smiled Johnny.

"Ang akin talaga, e, ituloy lang ang magandang ginagawa," Johnny replied to the question on whether he would start life anew after the good news. "Maraming milagrong nangyari sa akin, sa bahay, sa mga kasama ko...ang dami. Ang sarap ng may Diyos ka!"






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