Ted Failon's wife, Trinidad Etong, passes away

The wife of broadcaster Ted Failon, Trinidad Etong, succumbed to cranial injury.

Trinidad "Trina" Etong, the wife of news anchor Ted Failon, died at 8:50 p.m. tonight, April 16. Etong sustained a wound in her head after a shooting incident, that is still being investigated by the police, Wednesday morning, April 15.

Trina, 45, was reportedly brought to the New Era Hospital at around 11 a.m. yesterday by Failon himself.

It is still unclear whether the gunshot wound of Trina was self-inflicted or due to foul play.

According to latest reports, Failon broke into tears after learning about his wife's death.

Failon and his daughter Kaye were at the Intensive Care Unit of the New Era Hospital when the doctors were trying to revive Trina. According to dzMM's vice president for Manila division, Peter Musngi, Failon could not stop crying.


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