Douglas Quijano's talents plan for the future

It is still a big question as to who will fill the big shoes of the late talent manager Douglas Quijano. Douglas' senior ward Richard Gomez reveals through Startalk details of some of the discussions they've been having. Photo shows Richard and wife Lucy Torres-Gomez at Quijano's 9th day mass last June 21.

Talent manager Douglas Quijano's passing has left a number of questions, the most urgent of which is, who will now handle all of his talents and when. Ever since the matter was brought up, Doug's senior talents like Nadia Montenegro, Joey Marquez, Richard Gomez and wife Lucy Torres have led the discussions on what to do about their future and that of the younger talents of Tito Dougs.

During the 9th day mass for Douglas last June 21 at the Imperial Palace Suites, Startalk got hold of Richard and Lucy to inquire about the couple's plans as well as the plans of Douglas' other talents. For them, the dearly loved manager was irreplaceable yet decisions have to be made for everybody's sake.

"Ayoko na magkahiwa-hiwalay kami," expressed Richard. "As much as possible na mapagsama-sama ko sila. Mahirap talagang maghanap ng katulad ni Dougs. Ang gusto lang namin sana na in the future, kung sino ang magha-handle sa amin, e sana maging passionate like Douglas. Sana din mahawakan niya ang isang buong grupo para hindi kami magkahiwa-hiwalay."

Lucy added, "Ayaw naman namin masayang ang pinaghirapan ni Tito Dougs. He not only invested time on our careers but he also invested on our personal lives and he made sure na ang turingan namin sa isa't isa ay kapatid."

At the time of his death, Douglas had been managing the careers of 15 talents. The responsibility that he left behind is one big yawning gap that needs to be filled. "We are at a loss at hindi namin alam ang gagawin. Kaya dapat lagi kaming nag-uusap parati," said Richard.

GOING THEIR SEPARATE WAYS? It was Richard's fervent wish that all of the talents would stick together under one manager, but a recent meeting has revealed otherwise. Richard has accepted that some of the talents will be managed by different people. It would also be okay if some of the talents were to operate as their own managers. "Pero ako," revealed Richard, "si Lucy, si Joey, si Antonio, at si Jomari at si Arwind Santos, ay intact kaming lahat."


Richard confirmed that Anjo and Ryan Yllana will be managed by TAPE Incorporated's Malou Choa Fagar. "Si Anjo kasi matagal na niyang kasama si Malou Fagar sa Eat Bulaga! at ang feeling ni Anjo, maga-guide siya nang mabuti ni Malou," added Richard. "Si Jomari naman, siya magha-handle ng mga bata like yung anak ni Nadia, ganyan...Yun ang gusto gawin ni Jomari kasi, kaya daw niya more or less i-handle ang mga ganun."

Recent reports popped out about Wendell Ramos' plans to be managed by Dingdong Dantes' manager Perry Lansigan. Richard discredited these reports by giving an account of his discussion with Wendell recently. "Tumawag siya sa akin," said Richard. "Sabi niya na hindi pa naman daw. Siyempre, sabi ni Wendell na gusto niya na magsama-sama kami."

(PEP was able to interview Perry regarding the matter. Click here to read the whole story.)

Despite the number of meetings held by the talents, Richard said that they were not in a hurry to find a replacement just yet. "Siguro at this point in time, relax muna kasi kamamatay lang ni Dougs. Pag-isipan talaga nang mabuti kung sino yung magha-handle sa amin."

DOUGS IN THEIR HEARTS. Douglas' ashes, placed in small urns (click here to see what they look like), were given to all his talents, and for Lucy, it was an appreciated gesture. "Lahat ng alaga niya meron," she smiled.

The bigger part of the ashes went to the bereaved family of Douglas, and as Lucy said, "We had Tito Dougas when he was still alive. Now that he is gone, the biggest part of him goes back to his family because when he was alive, the biggest part was with us, his alagas."





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