Duet with Kyla excluded in hip-hop artist Young JV's debut album

Hip-hop artist Young JV says he feels lucky to be given a chance to release an album even though his music genre is not the current trend.

"If you think about it, hiphop pa lang struggle na 'yun 'di ba? Hindi masyadong naa-appreciate ng mga tao ng mga masa. So ito it's a big opportunity for me to really prove to people na kaya naman 'yung tunog sa States," the Iloilo native explained.

Newbie hip-hop artist Young JV only took two years learning the ropes in the music industry before he was given a chance to release a major album. The 18-year old singer-songwriter, who hails from Iloilo, told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an album presscon in Discovery Suites last Monday, June 29, that he feels lucky for the opportunity.

"People say na, 'Wow, you're lucky kasi two years lang nandito na.' Pero from that two years, I experienced hard work as well," Young JV said.

The new album Ready or Not, released by PolyEast Records, contains 15 rap and RnB songs written and performed by Young JV himself. The single "That Girl" is currently enjoying radio airplay.

Young JV, or Eduardo JV A. Kapunan III, started writing and recording songs "for fun" when he was 16. The Iloilo native said he initially started performing around hip-hop communities, but decided to contact major recording labels so he could showcase his music to a larger audience.

"When I started getting older, mas naisip ko na importante...makilala ka ng tao. I don't wanna be stuck in the community lang, so I hustled up para marinig talaga ng buong Pilipinas yung kanta ko," the hip-hop artist explained.

Young JV added that he had a hard time looking for a record label because hip-hop music is not the current trend. He believes the genre can be a hit to Pinoys, however, because songs by foreign RnB stars are such a big hit here.

But aside from a singing career, is he planning to be an actor too?

"I'll accept whatever's there for me. I'll accept whatever they're going to give me. Ayoko lang mag-nudity. I'm really open for acting, for modelling. I want to discover new things while I'm growing up. I'm excited lang I just want to have fun," said Young JV.


DUET WITH KYLA. Ready or Not is not the initial album that Young JV planned to release, but a shelved album titled Doin' it Big.

According to Elsa Kapunan, Young JV's mom and manager, the original album was set aside because the executives thought it would not be received by the public well because it was "too hip hop."

"Gusto [ng executives] i-shelve yung first album... kasi daw dapat ang mga song dapat ganito, dapat ganun. They were trying to pigeonhole him to be the kind of singer they want him to be. E, ayaw ni JV ng ganun," Mrs. Kapunan said.

So the artist banked on his artistic independence, and recorded a new one with a more "commercial" feel. The artist jokingly titled the result Ready Or Not.

But what's missing in this debut album is Young JV's polished duet with RnB princess Kyla titled "Back at Home," recorded a year ago. PolyEast wanted to highlight their newfound talent, thus barring him from collaborating with already established singers.

"Hindi pa ni-launch yun kasi nga the professionals were telling me, 'Ma'am dapat siguro si JV muna, kasi baka akalain ng listeners kay Kyla yun,'" the manager explained.

The nationalistic song "Back at Home" can still be heard in YouTube.

ADVOCACY FOR PEACE. As a son of a retired Air Force officer who fought battles in Mindanao, Young JV wants to promote peace through his music. He even included a song called "Kapayapaan" in the debut album.

"I wrote songs about peace and love sa bayan natin, kasi hanggang ngayon nandun pa yung giyera sa Mindanao. Hindi ako sundalo, e, so I'll write it to my music na lang, express ko yung feelings ko sa kanta na 'yan for people to hear and understand," he said.

The hip-hop artist also wants to donate part of the proceeds of the sales of his album to the orphans of soldiers killed in the in the region, through his own foundation.


"Ako, I'm all about lang peace and love, that's my advocacy for the people. Gusto ko may purpose ako for my music," Young JV ended.





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