Controversial Katrina Halili gives exclusive tell-all to Cosmopolitan this July

"Para hindi na maulit sa ibang babae, nag-decide akong lumaban. Dapat kung victim sila, lumaban sila and huwag mahiya kasi wala ka namang ginawa 'dun na masama eh," says Katrina Halili.

The women's rights movement has found an unlikely spokesperson in Katrina Halili. But since the explosion of her sex video scandal with Dr. Hayden Kho, the actress has been crucified by the once-adoring public.

"'Yung mga tingin sa 'kin parang wala nang respeto," she laments to Cosmopolitanmagazine in an exclusive tell-all interview this July. "Hindi naman ako nakapatay para sobra-sobra pang karma ang abutin ko."

Katrina's tear-streaked face has become a familiar sight at Senate hearings and other legal proceedings in her fight for justice. Rather than hide in shame, Katrina chooses to face the issue head-on.

"Para hindi na maulit sa ibang babae, nag-decide akong lumaban," she tells Cosmo, and advises Cosmo girls to learn from her experience. "Dapat kung victim sila, lumaban sila and huwag mahiya kasi wala ka namang ginawa 'dun na masama eh."

As she continues to fight for women who have been caught in similar situations, Katrina is now trying to move on. "Hindi ko iniisip bakit nangyari 'yun, bakit ganoon? Ngayon, tine-take ko ang mga natutunan ko sa mga bagay na 'yun. Hindi na ako magtitiwala nang basta-basta."

Katrina may be a controversial choice for a cover girl, but Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Zo Aguilapoints out, "Our readers, just like Katrina, face a lot of drama in their lives. While their cases are not as high profile, the pain brought on by their individual scandals is just as grave."

Aguila hopes Katrina's tell-all interview will inspire readers to face their own problems. "We want them to know that they can live through their personal hurdles—yes, no matter how damaging they may be. All it takes is the courage of a fearless spirit to rise after a fall," she says.

Read more of Katrina's exclusive tell-all interview in the July issue of Cosmopolitan, available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide. For more of Cosmo online, visit






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