Beware: PEP has a Twitter impostor!

The official Twitter account of PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) is called scoopbox (in photo). Click HERE to follow our real account.

Hi, PEPsters!

All of you have been faithfully following scoopbox's next Twitter entry and, as you know by now, scoopbox's Twitters have been up to date and accurate.

We recently found out that a Twitter account has been using the name PEP_Twit and posting showbiz-related tweets since March 31. This is not us. It has nothing to do with us. It is bogus.

We might have thought that the person/company using that name just happened to like the name PEP and decided to use it. Maybe it hadn't heard of us before? But that's highly unlikely because scoopbox, our legitimate Twitter account, is very visible in the Twitter website and clearly says that scoopbox is the line to PEP.

Moreover, our generous thoughts quickly metamorphosed into shocked outrage because, in fact, PEP_Twit is an impostor out to destroy PEP.

Proof is that the impostor not only appropriated our PEP name, it has appropriated our PEP logo!

Worst of all for readers, the pretender keeps posting wrong, spotty, misleading, and invented stories about the stars!

We already informed Twitter management about the unauthorized use of of brand name and logo, and requested that the fake account be shut down. And while we work out the legal remedy to this unprofessional and criminal behavior, please be advised:

For PEP's real twitter account, follow scoopbox by clicking HERE.





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