Kris Aquino involves herself in brother Noynoy's presidential bid

Host and actress Kris Aquino wants to get deeply involved in her brother Noynoy's presidential campaign. She's even advising him on what pants to wear!

Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III has become the Liberal Party's standard bearer after Senator Mar Roxas stepped down to give way to Noynoy's presidential bid in the 2010 elections.

Noynoy's decision to run, which he announced on the 40th day after the death of their mother President Cory Aquino, was appreciated and respected by his sisters. One of the sisters, Ballsy Aquino-Cruz, told Startalk in a segment last September 12, "Nasa kanya naman talaga ang desisyon. But sabi naman namin na once you decide, 100 percent naman ang suporta namin sa iyo. Pero lahat kami nagpanalangin talaga nang husto and we asked my mom and dad to help Noy decide what is good."

Noy's celebrity sister Kris Aquino gave a brief account of what happened before he came to his decision. She shared, "We were on our way to makiramay to Ka Erdy Manalo. Kami lang: my driver, Noy, and my three sisters at ako. Nag-usap-usap kami at bawat kapatid, e in-air iyong feelings namin. None of these have happened kung hindi dahil sa tao. Hindi siguro kami magkakalakas ng loob kung feeling namin nag-iisa kami."


Kris added that she was also thankful for the support given by people like Sen. Kiko Pangilinan and Sharon Cuneta. According to Kris, they asked Kiko to be Noy's spokesperson.

"I cried when I read their text," a grateful Kris said. "They said, '100%.' So ngayon pa lang, nagpapasalamat ako kay Kiko and Sharon for believing in Noy."

Concerning Mar's decision to step down in favor of Noy, she said, "I know they gave up a lot of their dreams. Sabi ko, 'Hi, Korina. Can we love each other again? This is for Noy, for Mar, and for the country.'"

As the youngest sister, Kris made a promise to her big brother that she would sell her house and give the proceeds to his campaign fund. "That's how much we believe in him," she added. "Sincere iyon."

SARTORIAL ADVISER. Kris has made it to a point to be really involved in her brother's drive to the presidency, even taking the time to give advice on what kind of pants to wear. "Sinabihan ko siya na I don't like pleats sa pantalon," she laughed. "I said, 'That's so out!' Sabi niya, 'Huwag mo na pakialaman pantalon ko.'"


When it comes to her brother's lovelife, Kris admitted that Noy's girlfriend, Valenzuela city councilor Shalani Soledad, was very nice although she was still "hindi ganoon ka-close" with the family. However, be it love, life or politics, it was still their mother's advice Kris would follow.

"Mom always said na hindi ikaw ang makikisama, you won't live in the same house. Ang ano lang sa akin, e, kung gaano ka overprotective si Noy sa akin bilang bunso, e ganoon din ako sa kanya. Pero where he is happy and as long as he is happy, who am I to stand in the way of that happiness?"


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