Jomari Yllana talks candidly about ex-wife Aiko Melendez

Actor turned producer and current Celebrity Duets contestant Jomari Yllana is reunited with ex-wife Aiko Melendez in the upcoming comedy film, Yaya and Angelina (The Spoiled Brat Movie).

Jomari Yllana described his participation in the upcoming comedy film, Yaya and Angelina (The Spoiled Brat Movie), as a bitter-sweet event.

At the grand press conference held yesterday, September 15, at the Aresi restaurant in Quezon City, the actor turned producer revealed that the film was the last project brokered for him by the late manager, Douglas Quijano.

Tito Dougs passed away last June 13 at his rest house in Lucban, Quezon province, after a heart attack. He was 64.

Jomari recalled receiving a quick phone call from Tito Dougs, informing him of the project would will cast him along with the film's comedian lead stars, Ogie Alcasid and Michael V.

"He called me one morning saying, 'May movie ka,'" Jomari said. "Okay," the actor replied instantly, without probing into the details of the project.

The beloved manager, in typical straightforward fashion, dropped a bomb that caught his ward completely by surprise.

"Pero kasama mo dito si Aiko [Melendez]," Quijano informed him right off the bat. "Talaga?" a stunned Jomari asked back.

"Oo," Douglas replied calmly, before adding, "Okay na 'yon, ha?"

And with that Douglas ended the conversation, leaving Jomari both amused and baffled.

REUNITED WITH AIKO. Aiko is Jomari's ex-wife and the mother of his son, Andrei. Though not entirely estranged—owing much to their responsibilities as parents—it was rare to spot the ex-couple socializing together in public or in any showbiz-related functions.

Yaya and Angelina (The Spoiled Brat Movie) marks the return of Aiko and Jomari's partnership at least on the big screen.

By coincidence, this joint venture of GMA Films and APT Enertainment came at the time when Jomari's relationship with singer Pops Fernandez was going shaky.

"Aba, sign yata ito! Ba't kami magtatrabaho ulit?" Aiko remembered asking herself when she learned that Jomari was part of the project.


But what appealed most to Aiko was the idea that Andrei would finally watch his parents working harmoniously in one big project. Jomari and Aiko assume the role of a privileged married couple rearing a spoiled kid.

"This is going to be a family movie na mapapanood ng anak namin, so sabi ko. 'Sige, masaya 'to.' Aside from the fact that the last time I worked with Jom was, I think, seven years ago... Mukhang lucky charm 'yon e, kaya inaawitan niya [Jomari] akong kumanta for Celebrity Duets kasi baka manalo siya," laughed Aiko.

Despite the initial awkwardness, Jomari was glad that everything on the set went smoothly from start to finish. The budding concert producer credited the mutual respect that he and Aiko have for each other.

Actually, Jomari admits to not being completely numb when it comes to his ex-wife's romantic affairs.

"Kung magpapakatotoo ako, hindi mo puwedeng sabihing wala kang nararamdaman," Jomari said seriously.

"Siyempre may konting kirot," he added. "Siyempre, nanay ng anak mo. Pero it doesn't mean na hindi ako masaya kay Aiko. I'm very happy, very happy sa lahat ng achievements niya, sa lahat ng ginagawa niya and sa lahat pa ng ma-a-achieve niya."





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