Mikaela Bilbao says more about issue involving Gretchen Barretto and Pops Fernandez

"Masama ang loob ko, dinawit ako sa isyung ito. Yes, marami akong alam and maybe that's the reason why ako yung pinaratangan. But they could have called my attention. With all due respect to me, like I would do to them if it was in my shoes, I will call and ask them, 'Is this you?'" says Mikaela Bilbao (main photo) about the controversy which also involves Gretchen Barretto and Pops Fernandez (insets).

One week after her taped intrview in Showbiz Central, muling nagpaunlak ng interview ang businesswoman na si Mikaela Bilbao sa naturang showbiz talk show ng GMA-7 kahapon, October 18. This time, live siyang nakausap ng co-host ng programa na si Pia Guanio.

Ang interview ni Mikaela ay kaugnay pa rin ng kontrobersiyang kinasasangkutan niya, na unang lumabas dito sa PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal), kung saan siya ang itinuturong nagpadala diumano ng tatlong text messages sa dating aktres na si Ana Abiera. Damay sa mga text message na ito ang mga pangalan ng mga artistang sina Gretchen Barretto at Pops Fernandez. (CLICK HERE to read related story.)

Unang tanong na ibinato ni Pia kay Mikaela ay bakit daw siya bumalik sa show, to think na last week ay naibigay na niya ang kanyang panig sa taped interview niya kay John Lapus? (CLICK HERE to read related story.)

"Because there are some things that I wanted it clear, I wanted it klaro," sagot ni Mikaela. "Kasi yung lumabas dun, once you go on a taped interview, because of the short time, di ba, may putol-putol na editing? So I want you to get it [from] the horse's mouth, you know..."


What points did she want to clarify?

"Okay, the first point is, I never said any bad text messages to anybody at all. Much more to Gretchen or anything about Gretchen. Because I have so much respect for Gretchen. To tell you honestly, before this happened, because si Gretchen, together with Marjorie, her other sister, except for Claudine (Barretto), is a client of Mikaela. And they are paying clients. So, nakakarespeto na kliyente sila na nagbabayad sila."

So, she's saying na she has so much respect for Gretchen?

"Before this... before this... Masama lang ang loob ko. I'm saying, masamang-masama ang loob ko because tahasang pinaratangan ako. My name was brought out in the issue without any clarification if it was really me, because we're friends."

So Gretchen brought her name into this issue?

"Yes, it was in PEP!"

What else did she want to clarify?

"The reason why I said, I wanted her to bring me to court is because in court, if you lie, that's [perjury]. Kasi, may sinabi si Gretchen na ako yung humingi ng pabor for a project. The truth of the matter is that it was Pops who asked me. In her words, ang sabi niya [Pops], 'Girl, puwede tayong... baka may kilala ka, ganito. Puwedeng lapitan sila Gretchen.' Because allegedly, allegedly...I don't know if this is true, but allegedly, Pops told me allegedly that Gretchen is working to one project. But it didn't work out yata because the payment was a house in Forbes. But these are all allegedly, I'm not sure if they are true..."


Hindi siya ang gumawa ng first move?

"No, never... Because I am not interested in government and I will never be interested in government. Pang-beauty na lang tayo!" natatawang sagot ni Mikaela.

Anything else that she wanted to clarify from her last interview?

"I don't want this sana to end in a bad way because we have been friends. So, yung mga... And also what I said about her having all the blessings, I meant it in a good way. That's all."

Has there been any effort on anynbody's part to talk about this and settle this? Nagkausap-usap na ba silang dating magkakaibigan?

"In the interview that I did with Sweet last week, I was trying to call Gretchen and Pops through my cell phone. They changed their number, so I can't get in touch with them. And I don't want to be the first one to get in touch with them because the issue did not start from me. You know, the reason why I am here today is I have to defend my integrity as a businesswoman," paliwanag niya.


Has this affected her already in any way?

"Yes, it has!" mabilis na sagot ni Mikaela. "It has very much affected me. It's my name on the line. I have an integrity to protect. Like for example, in my business, kapag pumunta ka dun, hindi ka pumayat, hindi kita pinababayad. That kind of honesty I want to preserve."

Ano bang klaseng pagkakaibigan ang meron sila nina Gretchen at Pops? Close ba sila?

"I can say yes. Ang una kong naging kaibigan was Pops because she wanted to open up a salon. It was supposedly be called Pops by Mikaela Salon, but that did not push through. We always go out, we talk every day on the phone. I would go to her house. We went to Cebu, we went to Bohol. We went to Bacolod. I brought her to my hometown. And my family... because she said her dream was to have a beachfront house. So, my family even gave her a beachfront house for nothing."


So, how does she feel now that everything has turned so sour?

"I feel so bad! I used to go out with them until the time when I got sick that I cannot go out anymore."

So, ano feeling mo ngayon sa dating mga kaibigan na sina Pops at Gretchen?

"I feel bad. Masama ang loob ko. Masama ang loob ko, dinawit ako sa isyung ito. Yes, marami akong alam and maybe that's the reason why ako yung pinaratangan. But they could have called my attention. With all due respect to me, like I would do to them if it was in my shoes, I will call and ask them, 'Is this you?'

Paano sila nagkaaway-away?

"Hindi ko nga alam, e!" natatawa niyang sabi.

So, what was the turning point?

"The turning point was when Gretchen actually mentioned my name in PEP. That's how it all started. And that's when I had to come out and defend myself and my integrity," sagot ni Mikaela.


How does she want it resolved now?

"Well, you know what, in her statement, in Gretchen's statement in PEP, she admitted that there was a project. So, she herself admitted that. Now, I'm not part of that... I don't have any grudges naman because I don't bear any grudges. Pero let's respect each other's lives."

Does she want Gretchen to clear her?

"I don't know if she will do that because I know her!" tawa ni Mikaela. "I hope she will. If you please kindly can clear my name on this, I would be very, very relieved."

And to Pops?

"I don't know what went wrong... If you could have called me and everything. I don't know what went wrong. If you'll ask me, girl, alam ko nga kung sino yung mga kasama n'yo sa Bohol, e. Those were top public officials. Pero girl, bakit naman, di ba?" makahulugang sabi niya.






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