Carla Abellana does not mind being compared to other actresses

When asked how she is handling intrigues in show business, actress Carla Abellana replied, "In-anticipate ko na siya before pa ako pumasok sa showbiz. Okay lang, part of [being a celebrity] naman 'yon. Normal lang."

Carla Abellana looked a little tired when she and Rosalinda leading man Geoff Eigenmann faced PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other members of the entertainment who visited their set last October 21 at Alabang Medical Center in Muntinlupa City.

The two had been working since morning and it was already their second location that taping day. Despite this, Carla said that she does not complain about the workload because "very rewarding naman ang trabaho ko."

Carla and Geoff are glad that the viewers appreciate what they're doing in Rosalinda, which has been extended for a few more weeks. This is also why they do not mind if people keep on comparing them to Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, whose team-up became so successful when they appeared on the local adaptation of another Mexicanovela, Marimar.

Carla said, "It's flattering to be compared to them, big time na sila, e. It's a compliment. Successful sila, sobrang successful nila, e. Ang layo na ng narating nila."

Geoff backed her up by saying, "Compare all they want, hindi naman mapipigilan 'yan. Kung maabutan lang namin kahit kalahati noon, e, di good. We're just doing what we have to do and happy naman ang network with what we're doing."

Carla said that she has been warned by her father, former matinee idol Rey "PJ" Abellana, about such intrigues even before she entered show business. She added, "In-anticipate ko na siya before pa ako pumasok sa showbiz. Okay lang, part of [being a celebrity] naman 'yon. Normal lang."

However, Carla is somehow grateful that the worst intrigue that she has encountered yet have been the comparisons being made between her and other actresses.

ACTING TECHNIQUES. As a newbie actress, many are impressed by Carla's portrayal of Rosalinda/Paloma in her first TV show. Her character has many dramatic scenes, was it hard to let her tears out for these scenes?


Carla said it wasn't that easy, but one technique she uses is putting herself into the character's shoes.

"Maraming puwedeng techniques, e," she explained. "To believe the scene, 'yon ang pinaka-effective for me, ha? Personally, kailangang maniwala ka na totoo 'yon para totoo, authentic ang emotion for that particular scene. Dapat paniwalaan mo."

What was the hardest scene she did for Rosalinda?

Although she couldn't give a definite scene, she replied, "Actually, ang umiyak is already mahirap, e. Umiyak nang on-cue, umiyak nang tama, 'yon ang pinakamahirap. Kahit naman 'yong sobrang saya, mahirap din 'yon. Akala n'yo lang mahirap 'yong umiyak, mahirap din naman 'yong sobrang saya."

STARSTRUCK HOST. After Rosalinda, Carla will be trying out a new job through hosting the 5th installment of the reality-based artista search StarStruck. She will replace Jolina Magadangal, who hosted the show from second to fourth season with Dingdong Dantes.

The show is slated to begin airing later this year. But Carla said that she hasn't prepared for it yet because of her busy schedule. "Wala akong time, kasi may trabaho ako every day."

She also doubts if she can join in the international auditions of StarStruck. "Kasi mahirap ang schedule, e. May trabaho po ako every day," Carla explained.

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