TNS National TV Ratings (Oct. 21-22): TV Patrol World and May Bukas Pa lead primetime race

Willie Revillame's noontime show Wowowee (main photo) keeps lead in the daytime race, while May Bukas Pa and TV Patrol World (insets) alternately took the top spot in the primetime race.

Here are the comparative ratings of ABS-CBN and GMA-7 programs from October 21 to 22, based on the overnight ratings of Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) among National households.

October 21, Wednesday


Umagang Kay Ganda (ABS-CBN) 7.9%; Unang Hirit (GMA-7) 5.3%; Pokemon Master Quest (GMA-7) 6%

Mar Marchen Awakens Romance (ABS-CBN) 6.4%; Jackie Chan Adventures (GMA-7) 7%

Naruto (ABS-CBN) 7%; Bleach (GMA-7) 8.9%

Pedro Penduko (ABS-CBN) 5.5%; Hunter X Hunter (GMA-7) 11.9%

Ruffa and Ai (ABS-CBN) 6.2%; SiS (GMA-7) 7.2%

Pilipinas, Game KNB? (ABS-CBN) 12.1%; Last Romance (GMA-7) 11.1%

Wowowee (ABS-CBN) 20.6%; Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) 17.5%; Daisy Siete: My Shuper Sweet Lover (GMA-7) 11.5%

Nagsimula Sa Puso (ABS-CBN) 16.9%; Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit (GMA-7) 11.2%

Maria de Jesus: Ang Anghel sa Lansangan (ABS-CBN) 14.7%; Banana Split Daily Servings (ABS-CBN) 13.9%; Tinik Sa Dibdib (GMA-7) 11.2%

Pinoy Big Brother Double Up Uber (ABS-CBN) 14.4%; Game About Love (GMA-7) 7.1%

Somewhere In My Heart (ABS-CBN) 15.8%; Family Feud (GMA-7) 11.1%


Katorse (ABS-CBN) 30.6%; Ikaw Sana (GMA-7) 14.7%

TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN) 34.7%; 24 Oras (GMA-7) 22.7%

May Bukas Pa (ABS-CBN) 34.8%; Darna (GMA-7) 26.7%

Lovers In Paris (ABS-CBN) 30.5%; Stairway To Heaven (GMA-7) 24%

Dahil May Isang Ikaw (ABS-CBN) 24.6%; Rosalinda (GMA-7) 18.9%

Pinoy Big Brother Double Up (ABS-CBN) 20.3%; Survivor Philippines: Palau (GMA-7) 15.7%

SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon (ABS-CBN) 10%; Shining Inheritance (GMA-7) 13.1%

Bandila (ABS-CBN) 5.9%; Wow Hayop (GMA-7) 7.8%

Probe Profiles (ABS-CBN) 2.6%; Saksi (GMA-7) 4.4%

Pinoy Big Brother Up Late (ABS-CBN) 1.2%; Born To Be Wild (GMA-7) 2.1%

October 22, Thursday


Umagang Kay Ganda (ABS-CBN) 7.8%; Unang Hirit (GMA-7) 5.3%

Mar Marchen Awakens Romance (ABS-CBN) 7.8%; Pokemon Master Quest (GMA-7) 5.4%

Naruto (ABS-CBN) 8.7%; Jackie Chan Adventures (GMA-7) 6.8%

Pedro Penduko (ABS-CBN) 7.5%; Bleach (GMA-7) 10.7%; Hunter X Hunter (GMA-7) 13.4%

Ruffa and Ai (ABS-CBN) 6.9%; SiS (GMA-7) 8.7%

Pilipinas, Game KNB? (ABS-CBN) 11.4%; Last Romance (GMA-7) 12.4%

Wowowee (ABS-CBN) 21.6%; Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) 17.4%; Daisy Siete: My Shuper Sweet Lover (GMA-7) 11.3%

Nagsimula Sa Puso (ABS-CBN) 18.8%; Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit (GMA-7) 11.4%

Maria de Jesus: Ang Anghel sa Lansangan (ABS-CBN) 15.3%; Banana Split Daily Servings (ABS-CBN) 13%; Tinik Sa Dibdib (GMA-7) 11.9%

Pinoy Big Brother Double Up Uber (ABS-CBN) 14.2%; Game About Love (GMA-7) 7.5%


Somewhere In My Heart (ABS-CBN) 17.3%; Family Feud (GMA-7) 12.6%


Katorse (ABS-CBN) 31.1%; Ikaw Sana (GMA-7) 14.2%

TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN) 35.6%; 24 Oras (GMA-7) 24.7%

May Bukas Pa (ABS-CBN) 34.4%; Darna (GMA-7) 29.2%

Lovers In Paris (ABS-CBN) 30.6%; Stairway To Heaven (GMA-7) 25.2%

Dahil May Isang Ikaw (ABS-CBN) 26.8%; Rosalinda (GMA-7) 19.5%

Pinoy Big Brother Double Up (ABS-CBN) 21.2%; Survivor Philippines: Palau (GMA-7) 14.5%

SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon (ABS-CBN) 10.9%; Shining Inheritance (GMA-7) 12.2%

Bandila (ABS-CBN) 6.8%; SRO Cinemaserye Presents Moshi Moshi I Love You (GMA-7) 7.2%

I Survived (ABS-CBN) 4.9%; Saksi (GMA-7) 4.1%

Pinoy Big Brother Up Late (ABS-CBN) 1.6%; Case Unclosed (GMA-7) 1.8%

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