Survivor Philippines: Palau's Amanda and Jef survive lie detector test

Survivor Philippines: Palau Season 2 winner Amanda Colley Van Coll (right), together with castaway finalist Jef Gaitan (left) are each wired to lie detector machines to see if they can tell the truth while under pressure.

Survivor Philippines: Palau Season 2 winner Amanda Colley Van Coll and fellow castaway Jef Gaitan are wired to separate lie detectors on Showbiz Central's "Don't Lie to Me" (Sunday, November 15). Do they have what it takes to stay calm under pressure?

Amanda and Jef are just a few inches away from interrogator John "Sweet" Lapus. He positions himself in the middle of the two as he prepares them for his controversial questions. Both Palau survivors, who had been tested on the island for their wit and physical skills, look more than ready.

First question: Marvin and Jef were undeniably sweet with one another. The two are also rumored to have been dating after the show. Are Marvin and Jef already a couple?

Amanda smiles, "Yes!" Jef contradicts her with a laugh and resounding "No!"

As it turns out, Jef's answer is a "Lie." She's left with no other option but to explain her side: "Dapat Marvin kasi ang nandtio, e. We're always together... and we're there!"


Is Marvin the reason behind Jef and her ex-boyfriend Nyoy Volante's breakup?

"No," Jef said, "hindi po si Marvin. Noong umalis ako, the day before ako umalis for Palau [break na kami]."

The next question is for Amanda, though Jef can answer as well. Sweet asks, "Amanda, marami ang nagulat na ang trabaho mo sa Alaska ay construction worker. Dito kasi sa Pilipinas puro lalaki lang iyan. Marami din nakapansin na noong sa isla ng Palau, e may pagka boyish ka at astig kumilos. Amanda, may lesbian tendencies ka ba?"

Amanda and Jef answer "No" and both lie detectors affirm their answers as "Truth."

"May pagka-tomboy naman talaga, e, pero hindi ako lesbian," Amanda explains. "Lalake pa rin gusto ko, kaya nga construction, e. Maraming options 'pag construction, e. Single and very much available."

Amanda adds that like last Survivor winner JC Tiuseco, she will try her hand in showbiz. "Nandito na din ako, di ba, so why not? More on hosting yata gusto ko, mahirap kasi drama, e. We'll see."


The last question comes not from Sweet but from fellow Survivor castaway Justine Ferrer. She has her own question in store, which makes the two interviewees fidget a bit.

"Sa kabila ng naging misunderstanding natin sa isla before, sa ngayon ba, totoo ba na wala na kayong sama ng loob sa isa't isa?"

Once again, the two gave contradictory answers, with Jef saying yes and Amanda saying no.

Jef's answer registers as a lie and she explains herself before her former castaways. "Lie," she exclaims. "Kasi, wait! Mayroon, of course, kasi nandiyan pa ang kaunting pain but that's pain. Hindi siya galit, sama ng loob pero mayroon pain. Hindi na ako nag-expect and respeto ko na ang decision nila at tanggap ko naman."

Amanda reveals that she felt bad about Jef but she gives only a general statement. "Tapos na iyon matagal na iyon. Kaunti lang naman ang sama ng loob. We had a plan from the beginning na okay na until what happened with Jef."


Right now though there is no more "sama ng loob" among the three survivors. As Amanda says, "Kaming castaways naman din ang magdadamayan, e. Gutom lang iyon."


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