Piolo Pascual wants to be "less verbal" about his "relationship" with KC Concepcion

The Philippine remake of Lovers in Paris, starring Piolo Pascual and KC Concepvion, will end on December 11. CLICK HERE to view the PEParazzi video showing Piolo telling the real score between him and KC.

Director FM "Erick" Reyes's observations while taping Lovers in Paris put the lead stars on the hot seat during the farewell press conference of the ABS-CBN TV series.

Earlier today, December 4, Direk Erick stressed that Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion developed a close bond during their taping in Paris.

The director, who has worked with Piolo for Lovers in Paris and Lobo revealed, "I came from Canada when they gave me this project so I decided not to go to Paris. And when they went back... something happened there. It's something that they always want to remember, so, they want to go back.

"When I shot a death scene [for Lovers in Paris], when I shot that, I blocked the scene and there are some things they did that were very true. May mga ginawa sila na hindi ko hiningi pero ginawa nila—yung buhay dun sa yumao."

Later on, during the presscon, KC was heard saying that during the death scene they actually did some movements that were not originally part of Direk Erick's instructions.

When asked to react on Direk Erick's observations, Piolo hesitated before answering: "Okay naman kami ni Kristina [KC's real name is actually Kristina Cassandra]. We've been together for ten months and what we value the most is the friendship that was formed during the course of the taping.

"Personally, we want to treasure and value what we have between us. We kind of promised each other that whatever is going to go on between us, behind the camera—not to deprive our audience or anything—but to keep it between us so we could protect what we have. As it is, very public ang trabaho namin and to prevent kung ano-ano yung naririnig sa kabi-kabilang kampo. We choose not necessarily to be silent but to play it safe para mas malinaw yung channeling between us."


Are they in a relationship or not?

"To answer your question, we are close," says the tongue-tied matinee idol.

The press urged him to reveal the real score between them, and Piolo said, "It's too early to tell but at this point of our careers, she is just starting out in the business and like what I told her, 'Enjoy mo muna. Savor it.' Sa amin po talaga, okay talaga kami."

Direk Erick then gave a possible explanation on why Piolo is reluctant to talk about the real score between him and KC. "Mahirap talaga sumagot si Piolo coz he is the marrying type at his age, at sinabi niya na ang susunod niyang girlfriend ay yun na ang kanyang pakakasalan. Kaya ganyan siya namimilipit."

Since the topic shifted to marriage, veteran columnist Ethel Ramos pointed out that KC's mother, Sharon Cuneta, got married at 18. Now that she's 24 years old, does KC feel that she is ready to settle down already?

"If there's one thing that I learned from PJ, it's to be committed to work. Sobrang demanding talaga ng trabaho and kung yun ang priority mo now, marriage can come later," the young actress said.

ALREADY IN A RELATIONSHIP? Since Direk Erick revealed that something happened to the two lead stars while taping in Paris, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked Piolo and KC to give details on what really took place in the French capital.

Piolo hid his face in his arms and in his effort to evade the question, he jokingly told the press, "Pwedeng truce?"

The matinee idol then replied, "Gusto ko lang po protektahan kung anong meron kami ni KC. Hindi po kasi biro, we've been through different intrigues and issues so we almost came to a point na nagkasakitan kami. To the point na halos hindi kami magkaintindihan. We just decided to be less verbal about the real state of what we really have kasi magkakaroon ng iba't ibang interpretation. Ipagpaumanhin niyo na po, but we just really want to protect the relationship."


Members of the press were even more intrigued when Piolo used the word "relationship" to describe his bond with KC.

Piolo insisted, "Meron naman talaga kaming relationship, di ba?" He put his arm behind KC and looked deeply into her eyes while the actress slightly nodded her head as she raised her eyebrows.

LOVERS IN PARIS FINAL WEEK. This teleserye will air its final week on ABS-CBN starting December 7. Even though this is the Philippine remake of a Koreanovela, Direk Erick revealed that they only followed 80 percent of the original story. "SBS [Seoul Broadcasting System, the Korean company that owns the rights of the soap opera] is quite lenient with us," he said.

Viewers of Lovers in Paris can look forward to the wedding scene that the cast members shot in Tagaytay Highlands and a death scene that will make for a surprising, dramatic ending.

After this teleserye, Piolo and KC are expected to do a movie together next year. But before that, they will be paired with different partners in other projects.

CLICK HERE to view the PEParazzi video showing Piolo telling the real score between him and KC.





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