Lovi Poe found it difficult to shoot love scene with Felix Roco

Sagrada Familia, whichhas been rated R-13 without cuts by the MTRCB, is Lovi's second film that tackles the sensitive issue of incest. Although this doesn't mean she's opened the door to more daring roles in the future, she is looking forward to doing more "roles na kakaiba. Mature roles na may laman.

In her latest film Sagrada Familia, Lovi Poe is cast as a daughter who is abused and violated by her own father (portrayed by Emilio Garcia). This Joel Lamangan film has been rated R-13 without cuts by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board.

The premiere night last December 23 at Robinsons Galleria was attended by the film's cast members Lovi, Emilio, Snooky Serna (who plays the mother of Lovi) and Gloria Diaz (who is cast as the mother of Emilio's character).

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had the chance to interview Lovi regarding the sensitive scenes that she shot for this film. The daughter of Fernando Poe Jr. and former actress-model Rowena Moran narrates that she hardly watched Sagrada Familia during the premiere because she was busy watching the reactions of the audience.

"Nanggigigil ako. Tinutulak ko yung mga kaibigan ko kasi kinakabahan ako."

In Sagrada Familia, Lovi's character is victimized by her own father after her mother leaves the country to work as a nurse. Her grandmother (played by Gloria Diaz) is unable to intervene because he uses a gun to force his daughter to do his bidding.

Did she find it difficult to shoot her sensitive scenes with Emilio Garcia and Felix Roco, who plays her suitor?

"We tried our best na mag-one take lang para hindi paulit-ulit. This is really, really challenging for me. Although Walang Hanggang Paalam was tough as well," says Lovi.

"I gave my best and suwerte na rin ako sa co-actors ko, kina Tito Emilio... ginagalang nila ako."

Surprisingly, it wasn't the assault scenes with Emilio but the love scene with Felix that she considered as the most difficult for her to do.

"Naka-plaster naman yun at may cover rin ako," she described. In this scene, Felix had butt exposure after their characters checked into a motel.


In Walang Hanggang Paalam, Lovi was cast as a girl who is also involved in an incestuous relationship. Since Sagrada is the second movie where she has shot delicate scenes, is she open to doing more daring roles in the future?

"Siguro depende na lang sa story. Kailangan lang talaga sa istorya. Of course, we could turn down offers kung di talaga maganda," she said.

The kind of roles she hopes to portray in the future are, "Roles na kakaiba. Mature roles na may laman."





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