Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes: Are they ready to take it to the next level?

Celebrity couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes gave the real score of their relationship in an exclusive interview with YES! Magazine's February 2010 issue, finally giving their fans some clues on whether or not they're a real couple.

The February 2010 issue of YES! Magazine features the romantic story of star couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera.

Marian and Dingdong started making sparks back in August 2007 when they were paired for the first time in the telenovela MariMar. Their unique chemistry together in MariMar paved the way for more primetime TV team-ups that eventually gave birth to a huge following.

Many of their fans, however, are still playing the guessing game on whether or not their idols are finally a real couple, as opposed to the reel couple they see on TV. With the February issue of YES! finally out, it is time to put their doubts to rest.

"I just want the readers—kung ano man interpretation nila, ganoon na," Dingdong said in a segment interview with Showbiz Central aired yesterday, January 31. "Kumbaga, kung exact points, exact details kung kailan nangyari 'yong ganoon, e, kahit kami hindi namin masasagot 'yon dahil siyempre it just happens, so 'yon lang."

"Ang hirap kasing i-pinpoint," agreed Marian in a separate interview. "Kasi proseso talaga 'yong magmula sa simula hanggang sa natapos kami sa [Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking] Tadyang, e. Doon nabuo lahat, e."

YES! editor-in-chief Jo-Ann Maglipon herself gave clues about the couple's relationship status.

"I think it does not take too much intelligence to see what they are to each other from this article. Kasi, kung ikaw sabihin mo na ang una mong naiisip sa umaga paggising mo ay iyong isang tao. Ang isang tao naman, buhay niya iniikot niya doon sa babae na iyon, ano pa ba ang dapat na konklusyon? Sa kaso ni Dingdong at Marian, ang sinabi nila, 'read between the lines.' That's exactly what they mean—read between the lines. We don't have to spell it out for you. As far as I know, there is real love and passionate love going on between Marian and Dingdong."


THE TRIP IN THE U.S. Marian admitted that she never knew that her leading man was head over heels for her during their stay in New York.

"Siguro kung ano iyong sinabi niya na na-in love siya sa akin sa New York, e, hindi ko alam 'yan," smiled Marian. "Nalaman ko lang din 'yan noong in-interview siya at nagulat din ako doon."

She continued, "Iyong love hindi, pero na-realize ko na 'Ay, ang bait nito!' Na-appreciate ko siya.' Iyon ang term ko diyan, e, na-appreciate ko talaga siya. Siguro mga bagay na hindi mo na kailangan sabihin."

NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. With their feelings for each other blossoming by the day, it cannot be ignored that rumors will continue to come to test their relationship to the limit. One such rumor was the news that Dingdong allegedly left ex-girlfriend Karylle for Marian. For Dingdong, however, it was an issue worth defending with nothing but the truth.

"Well," explained Dingdong, "Siguro always pag tuwing nangyayari 'yon, bumabalik kami sa katotohanan which is, hindi naman talaga siya nangyari. So there is really no reason. So, ganoon lang—back to reality lang, back to the truth. Back to what really happened."

Marian on her part gave her insight on such issues. "At least naliwanag diyan na wala talaga akong kinalaman, na paulit-ulit kong sinasabi. Wala, e. Nasa showbiz ka at 'yon ang kailangan i-take talaga, 'yong mga consequences na hindi lahat ng tao, e, mapi-please mo talaga," she said.

READY FOR THE NEXT LEVEL? Now that the celebrity couple's love for each other is getting louder by the day, does it mean that wedding bells are the next sound the fans should hear?


"Siyempre, sa amin na lang 'yon," smiled Dingdong. "But it is really very important for me. So maganda lang na i-celebrate siya with people na gusto mo, that you love. So, let's take it from there."

As for Marian, she said, "Bilang babae, masarap marinig iyan sa isang lalake, lalo na kung ang isang lalake, e...kahit sinong babae na sabihan siya ng lalake gusto siya at mahal siya, e, nakakataba talaga ng puso."





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