PEP EXCLUSIVE: PART II Marlene Aguilar: "What they don't understand is that the boy's a genius."

Marlene Aguilar said it is the youth who will change the world, through art. She added that this is why she and her sons, 28-year old Jason and 24-year old Colby, are in different fields of expertise.

"It is the art community that will change this country. It is the cultural community that will change this country. So, ako sa writing and visual arts, si Jason sa music, and si Colby... film," she said.

On January 18, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) arrested Jason Aguilar Ivler, a former U.S. marine suspected to have gunned to death the son of a MalacaƱang official last November.

The media has uncovered Jason's ties to Philippine showbiz. It was revealed that Jason is a rapper, and an actor, appearing alongside Dingdong Dantes, Polo Ravales, Sunshine Dizon, and other stars in the former teen-oriented drama show TGIS.

The media has also portrayed Jason as a "spoiled child," and a "criminal." But what it does not understand about Jason, Marlene claimed, is that "the boy's a genius."

"Jason understands quantum physics more than anyone I know. I know some physicists. Ang talino kasi niya, e. Akala ng mga tao, there's this dude na rapper, na guwapo, but they don't understand the mind of Jason. He graduated top of his class in the States," she told PEP in our interview

Marlene also denied that Jason is "spoiled." She said Jason is a "working student."

Her 28-year old son, she added, is "not crazy." The Filipino people is just "dumb" to "misjudge and misunderstand" Jason, she said.

"The only people who can vouch for who Jason are the few people lucky enough to get to know him. They don't know what Jason and I are fighting for," she told PEP. "The thing is most of mankind are dumb so every time they don't understand somebody's mind because it's beyond their understanding, they say that the person's crazy."

JASON IN SCHOOL. Marlene said her sons Jason and Colby, 24 years old, did not do well early on in school because they are "geniuses."


"Si Colby ganun. Nagsasalita yung teacher, tititigan niya ng masama. Tapos lalabas na siya, dun lang siya sa library. Magbabasa na siya sa library ng libro. And there was nothing that they could do about it. Si Jason ganun din, yung parang yung attitude niya ganun. Jason early on did not do very well in school," she said.

But both boys excelled college. Marlene said Jason finished his psychology major at the Hawaii Pacific University. Colby, meanwhile, is studying cinematography in the U.S.

Marlene said Jason is fascinated with the minds of "criminals and serial killers."

"Jason is fascinated by minds. He studied the most popular crimes in the world. He would study the minds of Bin Laden, of Stalin, di ba yung mga baliw? Serial killers in the States," she said.

OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE. But if Jason had any "abnormality" it would be his fixation on neatness and order. Marlene said her son is afflicted with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, an anxiety disorder that the World Health Organization's ICD-10 says has the "essential feature of recurrent obsession thoughts or compulsive acts."

According to Marlene, Jason as a child would be upset if anybody put his toys in disarray.

"Si Jason, OC 'yan, absolutely. Meron talaga siyang OCD. So nilinya niya yung mga GI Joe. Kunwari labinlimang mga GI Joe, nilinya niya bago siya matulog. He's just three or four years old. Nilinya niya 'yan. 'Pag may ginalaw kang isa d'yan, pagbaba niya, 'Who moved this?' At three years old," Marlene reminisced.


At the age of six, Jason forbade the maids from entering his room.

"Sabi niya, 'Mom, why do the maids come to my room? No, I will clean.' Mula noon, wala nang maids. Siya na ang naglilinis. Ngayong binata na siya, hindi rin bawal... Pati nga damit niya, siya naglalaba, e. Pag naggupit 'yan ng kuko lalabas ng bahay 'yan kasi baka raw kung saan tumalsik. I don't know anyone as OC as him," she said.

Jason carried this affliction up to adulthood.

Marlene recalled, "I think he was in UMass for one year... He had this nice apartment, and I cooked. Nandun ako sa kusina, sinusundan niya ako ng basahan, literally. Sinusundan niya ako ng basahan. Wag lang mapatakan yung counter ng kusina niya. Hello? Sobrang OC."

Many popular people in history had been afflicted with OCD. includes entrepreneur Donald Trump, actresses Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz, naturalist Charles Darwin, singer Justin Timberlake, football legend David Beckham, and convicted murderers John List and Volkert van der Graaf, among OCD sufferers.

Abnormal brain development had been tagged as the cause of OCD. There is no known cure for the condition. As time goes on, many sufferers learn to hide their compulsions and obsessions due to shame.

A GOOD FRIEND. PEP contacted Jason's close friends to ask about his personality. The general consensus is that Jason is a "good friend." None of the four persons we talked to confirmed Jason's OCD, or his violent childhood, or his being a "warrior of heaven."


According to someone who has been Jason's close friend for more than six years and asked not to be named, the rapper and former U.S. marine is a "quiet type of person."

"He don't drink that much, he don't smoke, wants to meet a lot of new friends because he came from a boot camp, he hates girls who send quotes messages and wanna be free on this Earth," he said.

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