Heart Evangelista enjoys "simple things" with non-showbiz boyfriend Ian Dy

"Hindi ko na masyadong iniisip kasi nga ayaw ko nang lumaki ang ulo ko. Maganda na 'yong nangyari na, kung hindi nila magustuhan, wala na akong magagawa. Hindi naman nila ako nagustuhan dati, e," said Heart Evangelista about her mindset each time she has a new project.

"It's quite, peaceful, I don't always have to wear high heels. It's very different," said Heart Evangelista about her relationship with non-showbiz boyfriend Ian Dy. (CLICK HERE to read related article.)

Although Ian is from a prominent political clan in Isabela, Heart said she likes the fact that he can be her simple self with him.

"It's nice to not always be out, partying, drinking. Di ba, it's always like that? But with him, you know, I get to actually read a book. You know, I like my dogs and he also likes dogs. You know, we get to just walk the dogs, 'yong simple things. A different world," related Heart in an interview during the press launch of her newest endorsement, Olay Natural White, yesterday, March 18, at the Shangri-La Hotel in Makati City.

It's also a cool change that Ian shuns the spotlight.

She explained, "It's just really best na it's not too showbiz kasi a lot people would say, because of this, because of that...With non-showbiz [boyfriend] kasi, parang you work 24/7, but when you get out of that world, you learn something different from what he's exposed to, so you grow."

Ian was Heart's first boyfriend. In those years they separated, they did not lose contact with each other. It helped that their families have always been friends. "We were together before, two years something...We've been dating for two years," she added.

This coming May 2010 election, Ian will vie for the vice-mayor post in one of the towns of Isabela. But Heart said her boyfriend doesn't bother her too much about his campaign activities.


The streamers show her face, but "not necessarily 'vote for,' mga greetings, ganun lang...at saka nahihiya rin naman siya," said Heart.

Is it a conscious effort for them not to be visible together?

"Well, eventually I know it's gonna go there especially when you go to parties. Palaging kasama 'yon...Accepted naman 'yon," she said.

A DIFFERENT HEART. The former teen star admitted that her past experiences taught her valuable lessons.

And one thing she also gained: A thinking heart.

She explained, "But I don't put my whole life into the relationship. Unlike before, I'm selfish now. If I can't do it, no more. I don't waste my time. Hindi ko na pinipilit 'yong bagay."

Heart also learned the importance of balance. "I'm just lucky that I'm in a position now where I can balance myself. I'm not so, alam mo 'yon, irresponsible that I have my work pero bale wala kasi in love ako. Hindi katulad dati na all we need is each other. Now, I have time for my family. I have time for my friends, my lovelife, my work."

Is Ian the one, at last?

"Ayaw ko na ng ganun," she smiled. "Usually kapag ganyan, hindi, e...Ayaw ko na. If it happens, it happens. Kasi you'll get disappointed, e. Siyempre, with every relationship that you have, you hope. But I try not to think about it na lang."

"AS LONG AS I HAVE WORK." Heart considers herself a very lucky girl. After the humps and bumps in her lovelife and career, the ride is smooth-sailing now.


"I've lost everything before," she said. "And people didn't think that I can be close to where I am now. But it doesn't really matter. I'm just so happy. I mean, I was a goner. They didn't like me. Even fashion magazines bash me. It doesn't matter because I have work and at the end of the day, we all have to pay our bills. And I'm not gonna rely on anybody."

The lead star of the defunct TV series, Full House, does not mind anymore whether people like her or not. Her simple mantra, "As long as I love my job, I do my job, I do my best."





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