Ruffa Gutierrez undergoes Showbiz Central's lie detector test

Ruffa Gutierrez for the first time obliged Showbiz Central's request for her to sit in the famous hotseat that has made celebrities squirm as their innermost thoughts were revealed.

Ruffa Gutierrez, for the first time, agreed to undergo Showbiz Central's lie detector test, an opportunity so rare that John "Sweet" Lapus—who had already handed the "Don't Lie To Me" segment to Mo Twister—came back to personally do the grilling yesterday, March 28.

"Ninenerbiyos ako ngayon," admitted Ruffa with a smile. Sweet tried to reassure her by starting with an easy question.

"Marami ang nagtatanong," asked Sweet, "sa tunay na buhay daw, monster mom talaga si Annabelle Rama?"

"No," answered Ruffa. The machine said she was speaking the "Truth."

When asked to explain, she said, "Si Mommy naman pinapalabas na monster because iyon ang image niya sa labas. Pero ang totoo, e, she's just taking care of the whole family and is very protective. Komedyante siya in ways! Kasi iyong mga hirit niya sometimes, e, nakakatawa!"

So what about her mom's reactions on TV whenever she's mad?

"Pag may kaaway naman siya at inaapi kami, e, doon lang lumalabas pagka-monster niya," explained Ruffa. When Ruffa's brother and host Raymond was asked about his mom, he said, "A few weeks ago she was on the phone patch and everyone thought she was a monster mom. But you know, behind it she is just protecting her children. I think any mom out there would probably do just the same. That's her signature style, so we respect that."

"And also she's frank," added Ruffa. "Magtaka kayo pag si Mommy hindi na ganoon, ibig sabihin baka may sakit na siya, baka may lagnat na siya, di ba?"


The next question for Ruffa revolved around her lovelife. No, it was not about Yilmaz but about a certain young man being linked to her and who was eight years younger. Now the question was, is it possible for her to fall in love with a younger man?

"My answer is yes," laughed Ruffa. Once again her answer was said to be the "Truth," and when asked to expound, she said, "I think age does not matter. Sa pag-ibig naman kahit matanda o bata, hindi na importante iyon. Ang importante, e, nagmamahalan kayo at nagkakaintindihan kayo."

THE KRIS ISSUE. Sweet's next question got hotter. He reminded Ruffa of the recent controversy involving her and The Buzz co-host Kris Aquino and asked, "Kung matagal ka nang binabara ni Kris after all those years na magkasama kayo sa programa, e, Ruffa, sino-showbiz mo lang daw si Kris Aquino?"

After a moment, Ruffa answered the question with "No". This time the machine said she'd been caught in a "Lie," which made Sweet do his stunt dance number. When asked to explain, she quipped, "First time ko dito, e, so gusto ko makita kang sumayaw! Sinadya ko talaga iyon!

"I mean, kami ni Kris, we really had a good working relationship," said Ruffa. "There are days na she says hi to me, minsan naman hindi. Ako naman kasi marunong ako makisama and we are working together on one show and you have to be kind and get along with who you work with. How can you dislike a person's guts na kasama mo dito araw-araw?"


Being a professional co-host, Ruffa said that after she left The Buzz, "I gave everyone gifts, the staff, and I gave Tito Boy [Abunda] and Kris flowers and a letter. I have not heard from her, baka busy sa campaign."

Speaking of campaigns, is she still going to campaign for Kris's brother Noynoy Aquino?

"I am still thinking about kung sino iboboto ko sa eleksyon," answered Ruffa. "I also like to clarify na kami ni Kris, we are okey. I hold no grudges and I always wanna leave a place or a show na magaan lahat. Umiikot lang ang mundo sa industriya."

LOVE TRIANGLE? Going back to issues of the heart, Sweet took Ruffa off-guard with the question: "Ruffa, once and for all, sangkot ka ba ngayon mismo sa isang love triangle?"

"Nooo," answered Ruffa.

LIE, said the machine.

Once again Sweet did his cool dance number. Though dismayed, Ruffa joked, "Dugo ko, 'day, hindi na gumagalaw! Can you loosen it?"

When asked to explain, she said, "Nineteen kopong-kopong pa 'yon, kaya feeling ko wala naman love triangle. Pilit pa rin gawan kami ng tsismis. Today, I'm single! I deserve a man all to myself! But my focus now is to work for my kids."

Before she could take off the wires of the lie detector, she had to face one final question from her brother Raymond.

"For you, do you still dream of finding Mr. Right and get married again one day?"

Ruffa answered, "If I wanna find a lifetime partner, siyempre naman. Of course, I would like to fall in love again."


And the machine said: TRUTH.





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