Brazilian Daiana Menezes wishes to stay in the Philippines for good

"Ayaw namin ng may expectations. Alam mo 'yon, 'What's gonna happen tomorrow? Magkasama ba kami ulit?' Let's just keep the friendship the best we can, then we'll see," says Daiana Menezes about her relationship with Boys Night Out DJ Sam YG.

Brazilian model-TV personality Daiana Menezes says she has found a second home in the Philippines.

The Eat Bulaga! co-host has been to China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Singapore as a ramp model. However, the newbie actress says she has found a lot of things to love in our country and she wants to stay here for good.

"I love this place!" Daiana said. "You know, I've been around, I've been in different countries. But this is the place that when I arrived here it felt like I'm home, athough Brazil is exactly at the opposite side. Like, I found another Brazil on the other side of the world. The people are so nice. Everything is good about the Philippines. I have nothing to complain about and it was so easy for me to adjust. I really plan to stay here for good if I can."

In 2007, the young lady from Brazil first appeared on local television via Eat Bulaga! She was then the "money girl" on the noontime show's "Itaktak Mo" segment.


"They asked if I could do a casting. So, I went to Eat Bulaga! from Shanghai [China]. I wanted to stay longer [in the Philippines], so I said, 'Okay, let's try showbiz.' I didn't expect na I would even speak Tagalog. So, I just started as a money girl in 'Itaktak Mo!' I think they saw naman that I can talk Tagalog and they started giving me spiels. That's how I started," recalled Daiana.

She also said that she is lucky to be part of Eat Bulaga! because it opened a lot of opportunities for her in local show business.

Daiana added, "Kahit sino naman ang nasa Eat Bulaga!, they are very blessed like other people who worked with them. I can see na people come and go in Eat Bulaga! but if you stay, wow, you're so blessed. I've been with Eat Bulaga! for three years and I feel so blessed na they keep me there until now."


HAVING A SHOW WITH BOSSING VIC. In 2008, the 22-year-old celebrity had her first taste in acting as she became part of the first movie together of top Pinoy comedians Dolphy and Vic Sotto, Dobol Trobol. She also played a part in the movie Yaya and Angelina: The Spoiled Brat Movie starring Michael V. and Ogie Alcasid.

Now, Daiana is given a chance to work with Vic again in TV5's weekly sitcom My Darling Aswang.

Unlike other foreigners who enter local showbiz, Daiana said she didn't have a hard time learning her newfound job as an actress. She added that she's doing her best to speak Tagalog, which is usually required in the script.

"I'm working on it kasi hindi ako nag-aral. Everything I learned about Tagalog, narinig ko lang. Never akong masyadong nahirapan kasi when you want to learn something, you really have to really do it," she said.


In a separate interview, Vic commended her for being a good student. He said, "Masipag siyang mag-aral. Mayroon siyang kusa."

"DON'T LINK ME TO HIM." While Daiana looks up to Vic as her "bossing," some of the entertainment media still asked her if there's a possibility for them to become an item since they were paired in My Darling Aswang.

The Brazilian model immediately told the press, "Bakit nagkaroon ng gano'n? No, no, no, wala nang issues na ganun. Guwapo naman si Bossing pero wala nang ganun. Don't link me to him."

She said that it won't happen because, "Alam mo, I respect Bossing. Siyempre, guwapo naman siya. Pero alam mo, because this role was suggested by Pia [Guanio, girlfriend of Vic] I would never ever [think] kay Bossing na... Wala, I just wanna work and do my job."

And to prove that it's impossible, Daiana alse mentioned, "I'm working in Eat Bulaga! for three years. I think if ever I would feel anything, attraction or anything, you would know, e. No, wala naman."


REAL SCORE WITH SAM Y.G. It's really impossible for Daiana to be linked to Vic because she's exclusively dating radio jock Sam Y.G.

When PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked her about the real score between them, she said, "Nagde-date lang naman talaga kami, exclusively dating. If you wanna call it... Nowadays kasi, di ba, sa modern style is may MU [mutual understanding]."

The young celebrity said that she actually asked the Tweetbiz host to wait for six years. "You guys know naman that I came from another relationship. I broke up last September. 'Yong joke ko sa kanya [Sam Y.G.] kasi, 'Maghintay ka ng six years,'" she related.

Daiana hopes that her next boyfriend will be the right guy for her.

She explained, "I plan like by 28 or 29, I wanna settle down, get married, and I wanna have kids na. So, if ever I wanna go into a relationship, I'm gonna make sure that this is the guy. So that's why I told him, he's my best friend, may [mutual understanding] naman kami, e. 'So, kung gusto mo magiging boyfriend kita, maghintay ka ng six years.' ''Yan ang totoong relationship namin."


Does Daiana think Sam Y.G. will pass the test as her next boyfriend?

"May pag-asa naman siya, e," she answered. "Si Sam kasi, kahit bolero siya sa radio, kahit babaero, if you get to know him very well, he's a good man. Napaka-responsible si Sam, e, very hard-working. That guy works almost 24/7, ang dami niyang shows. Wala siyang manager. He manages everything by himself. And I think every girl looks for a guy who knows how to manage himself really well. I look after him parang, 'Wow, you're good.'"





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