Mylene Dizon on getting back with Ira Cruz: "Parang hindi kami naghiwalay."

For Mylene Dizon, love is lovelier the second time around with boyfriend Ira Cruz. The actress says that her relationship with Ira is "very good."

When Sex and the City 2 had its premiere night last May 24 at Cinema 3 of Rockwell Power Plant Mall in Makati City, Mylene Dizon was spotted with Bamboo guitarist Ira Cruz. A few days later, on May 28, Mylene was again spotted at Cinema 3 of Rockwell to watch the screening of the docu-film Noy, but she was alone this time.

Mylene said that she and Ira have a "very good" relationship now.

"We are enjoying and having fun...we're laughing a lot. It feels like...parang hindi naman kami naghiwalay. Parang nagkaroon lang kami ng maliit na pause sa aming relationship," Mylene said in an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

What is Paolo Paraiso's reaction to the fact that she and Ira Cruz are back together?

"I hope that he is okay with it coz it's here and there's nothing we can do about it. We broke up a long time ago anyway, so I don't think he should feel weird about it."


She added, "I informed him about it and I asked him if he wanted to talk about it further. Sabi niya, okay naman daw siya."

Mylene and Paolo have two children, Tomas and Lucas. How did she tell them about her new boyfriend?

"I introduced Ira as a friend first. He was my friend in the beginning and ini-introduce ko dahan-dahan sa kanya that I might have a boyfriend soon."

Mylene mentioned that her son Tomas calls her boyfriend "Tito Ira."


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