What the stars did during Typhoon Basyang

KC Concepcion posted this picture in her Twitter account this morning, with the caption: "Di ako makadaan kanina papuntang gate ng bahay sa laki ng sangang nakaharang!!... Sana walang nasaktan last night..."

Yesterday, July 13, tropical cyclone "Basyang" ravaged Metro Manila, releasing 30-60 kilometer-per-hour winds that would snap several power lines, leaving the metro and several provinces, in darkness.

Until today, July 14, classes from elementary to high school levels are still suspended due to heavy rains and flood. Only 20 percent of Metro Manila's electricity has been restored. Cellular phone users subscribed to Globe are experiencing network failure. Commuters are stuck in traffic; MRT and LRT lines were shut down earlier today due to power outage.

In times of foul weather, what do our favorite stars do? Let's find out through their Twitter posts:

HASSLE. "Brown out pa rin sa amin" - Ana Feleo, opera singer

"Di ako makadaan kanina papuntang gate ng bahay sa laki ng sangang nakaharang!!" - KC Concepcion, actress/singer/TV host

"and to top it off with some awesome sauce, a tree fell on my relatively new car and scratched the whole side of it. good times." - Mo Twister, TV and radio host

"Morning all, i didnt know how i slept soundly w/o electricity. Kaasar up to now wala pa din power." - Rubi Rodriguez, actress and TV host

"I am not fond of the sound of flapping windows & loud whistling wind! It's creepy!" - Ciara Sotto, singer-actress

"My gosh!!! It feels like the pressure of the wind is sucking the doors off!!! :s" - Iya Villania, actress and TV host

"What time kaya magkakakuryente?" - Francine Prieto, actress and radio host

"Grabe!ang lakas ng rain tapos may hangin pa?!scary!!!guys take care!" - Carmina Villarroel, actress and TV host


REST. "What's happening? Is the weather that bad? Lol I just woke up from a very long sleep." - Paulo Avelino, young actor

"Stayed up the whole night. Lost some trees here in the garden. Wala na...may be awake na tuloy tuloy na." - Gary Valenciano, singer-TV host

"When I was 7, I used to love brownouts back home, coz I could sleep between dad n mom in their bed, nw..I'm in the other side of the world and they can't protect me anymore, no control on where I go and what bed! LoL :(" - Daiana Menezes, actress-TV personality

"I have never loved my melon scented candles more. Glad my room has always been candle sanctuary.. I at least have some light." - Stef Prescott, young actress

"Tulog muna ko ☺ shhh" - Sarah Lahbati, young actress

WORK. "My taping is pushing thru. Like wow. Has anyone slept through that storm?" - Zsa Zsa Padilla, singer-actress

"May kuryente na, kso wla nmang tv d2 taping syet!! Sana may link kyong alam pra mapanood ko simply kc mmya! Wapaaaaaak! Tnx :))" - K Brosas, comedienne

"I'm still not sure if ill b in drag today. The people that were going to decorate me may have problems still coz of the storm." - KC Montero, radio and TV host

"here in broadway already☺ they decided last min, that we won't air live now. so i'm just bonding with everyone☺" - Ehra Madrigal, actress-TV host

"Off to abs for wowowee and panahon ko to, hope all of you guys are ok ☺"- Luis Manzano, TV host-actor


"I GOT THE POWER!! Well my office has 50% so... I GOT THE POWER!!" - Troy Montero, actor

HOPE AND GRATITUDE. "Good riddance, Basyang, tho it ain't ur fault you're you... Thank You, God, am glad You're YOU <3" - Pia Magalona

"I hope everyone's safe... The storm seems to have calmed down a bit here in Tanay." - Iza Calzado, actress

"Good Morning everyone. Hope everyone is safe from last night's typhoon. I've never heard howling that loud!" - Anne Curtis, actress and TV host

"Life at last! Electricity is back. Modern life seems to mean we are plugged into a socket." - Jim Paredes, singer

"I'm hoping everyone is safe and sheltered after last night's typhoon. Pls check on ur loved ones & be patient with brownouts, phonelines etc" - Marc Nelson, model and TV host

"It's awfully quiet in our place. The sun is peeking out once in awhile. Malayong malayo sa naranasan namin kagabi na super lakas ng hangin." - Kat de Castro, TV host

"Di nanaman ako mapakali.. Sana lumabas na ang araw.. Bless us father" - Angel Locsin, actress

"The storm has affected a lot of people. Hope ur all safe." - Guji Lorenzana, singer-actor

"Bongga!may electricity na!" - Rica Peralejo, actress-TV host





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