Recent reports cloud possibility of Willie Revillame's return to Wowowee

Willie Revillame is currently on indefinite leave from Wowowee.

The possibility of Willie Revillame's return to Wowowee is being confounded by differing reports being passed around in the last few days.

Reports abound saying Willie will return to Wowowee at the end of this month. TV host Cristy Fermin said that Willie and ABS-CBN President Ms. Charo Santos-Concio had already reached an agreement on this matter. (CLICK HERE to read related story.)

But other reports deny Willie's return. On June 30, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) published an article stating that Wowowee will soon be replaced by two shows to be hosted by Kris Aquino and Robin Padilla. (CLICK HERE to read related story.)

This report is also gaining more ground as new reports continue to confirm its validity. In a letter sent to ABS-CBN on July 12, Robin "formally notified ABS-CBN of his decision to decline the Network's earlier offer for him to host its Wowowee noontime show." (CLICK HERE to read related story.)

Robin's refusal is an indication that ABS-CBN is looking for another host for Wowowee, or that the network is looking for a host for the show's replacement.

KRIS'S GAME SHOW. Several alerts published here on PEP on July 19, moreover, also confirm the speculation. An unimpeachable source told PEP that Wowowee's replacement is a new game show that will be hosted by Kris Aquino.

The alerts, as published, state: "Isang reliable ABS-CBN insider ang nagsabi sa PEP na nitong July 16, in-offer na ng ABS-CBN management kay Kris, kahit nasa States pa ito, ang 12 noon slot ng istasyon. Ibig sabihin, replacement ito ng Wowowee, na umeere ng 12 nn. Wala pang kabuuang detalye pero game show raw ang format nito."


It added, "Sinabi rin ng source na very sure siya sa nakalap na info. Sa July 30 pa ang balik ni Kris mula sa States, pero nagpasabi na raw ito na okay siya sa pag-host. Ang kailangan na lang bago magpirmahan ay makita ni Kris ang kabuuan ng concept. Kung nagkataon, ito ay magsisilbing comeback ni Kris sa noontime viewing, kung saan naging host siya ng Pilipinas, GKNB sa loob ng ilang taon."

The alert also asked, "Kung tatanggapin ni Kris Aquino ang offer na mag-host, sa Agosto na raw eere ang naturang noontime show. Ano kaya ang mangyayari kay Willie Revillame, na babalik umano sa Wowowee sa July 31?"

Willie was placed on an indefinite leave from Wowowee since May 24, after he apologized to the management of ABS-CBN for his outburst in the live episode of the noontime show on May 4. In that episode, Willie threatened the network that he would resign if the management would not fire showbiz commentator Jobert Sucaldito from ABS-CBN. (CLICK HERE to read related story)

Since then, Willie seldom appeared on TV.

PEP will continue to update its readers regarding this matter.





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