PEP EXCLUSIVE: Kris Aquino slams pregnancy rumors

"I know so many men are being linked to me and I will answer all issues being thrown my way on Friday upon arrival at 4 a.m.," Kris Aquino said through a text message she sent to writer Jo-Ann Maglipon this afternoon.

A short post in an entertainment blog uploaded today, July 28, heightened rumors that premier TV host-and-actress Kris Aquino is pregnant. The blog administrators said their information came from a "reliable source" whom they did not identify.

This afternoon, Kris Aquino slammed the rumors. The woman of the hour sent two consecutive text messages to writer Jo-Ann Maglipon to deny the rumor with finality.

Kris sent the messages from the United States, where she is on vacation with her two sons Joshua and Baby James. She left behind her husband, basketball star James Yap, against whom she has initiated annullment proceedings.

Kris's first text message: "Hi Jo-Ann. I am texting you during my last night in LA. I find the news about my pregnancy hilariously vicious. I had to ask both Deo and Boy—sino raw ang tatay? Deo replied to you about my check-up with Dr. Pastorfide for my cervical cancer screening because of my cervical cancer vaccine endorsement. I have a period tracker app on my iPhone. Just had my period in Orlando, July 18 in the US, and had it until we were in Boston."


Kris's second text message: "I know so many men are being linked to me and I will answer all issues being thrown my way on Friday upon arrival at 4 a.m. Thanks for texting Deo because it gave us an opportunity to clear that issue immediately. Good night."

Earlier, Kris's manager Deo Endrinal, responding to a query from Jo-Ann, had sent this text message about the pregnancy issue: "It's not true. Will never happen because she had a very difficult pregnancy with Baby James, remember? Maybe someone saw her visit her obgyne a week before she left, because she had to get clearance for her new cervical cancer ad. Grabe naman magbalita ang mga tao..."

Boy Abunda, Kris's former co-host in the ABS-CBN showbiz talk show The Buzz, also in response to the same query, called Jo-Ann. In the call, he seconded Deo and provided more information.

"There's an ad airing commercially now," Boy began. "It's an anti-cervical cancer advocacy. It's a Glaxo product. When Kris and I agreed to do their commercial, the contract stipulated, among other things, that Kris must submit to an HPV-DNA screening to check for the virus that causes cervical cancer."


Boy added that on June 25, Kris complied with the contract and went for the checkup. She chose to go to her own OB-Gyne, Dr. Greg Pastorfide. When the HPV-DNA screening came back, said Boy, the results showed that Kris was negative for the virus.

Continuing, Boy said: "After the test, she took her first dose of the anti-cervical cancer vaccine. Oh, and during the test, she had her monthly period. On July 1, she shot the commercial. On July 8, she left for the United States. On July 18, she had her monthly period again. That was in Orlando. Even when she got to Boston, she still had her period. So how can she be pregnant?"

More seriously, added Boy, Kris does not have the option to get pregnant at this time. "Kris cannot get pregnant again because when she had Baby James, she had pulmonary embolism, which puts her at a high risk of losing her life during a pregnancy. These are all just rumors. They're false."


Finally, PEP called Dr. Greg Pastorfide to address the rumored pregnancy of his famous client. The doctor said, "I can tell you she's not pregnant."

In Dr. Pastorfide's words: "Before she left for the U.S., she underwent routine tests. She also got her first shot of cervarix. And I can tell you she's not pregnant. When you are, you can't be given a vaccine."

Kris is expected to return to the country on Friday, July 30, to have rehearsals for Pilipinas, Win na Win!, ABS-CBN's replacement for Wowowee, which will air on Saturday, July 31.


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