Karylle says her next album will definitely be "happier"

When asked to comment on the Dingdong Dantes-Marian Rivera relationship, Karylle flashes a smile and says: "I would like to thank you for that wonderful question, but wala na kasi akong right mag-comment so I won't."

Karylle is putting her acting career on hold to focus on her second album, which according to the young singer, is somewhat autobiographical.

"Acting-wise, I had to turn down a soap because I'm busy with my new album, " Karylle told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last September 15 at the photo shoot of the talents of STAGES management at The Room in Quezon City.

"And then we're also doing shows, so hindi ko siya nagawa. Kasi when the offer came, I was really doing a lot of tours.

"Lately, we've been doing concerts and out-of-town shows. So sayang, hindi sumakto yung timing," she added, not naming the show she turned down.

Karylle said the still untitled album, to be produced by PolyEast Records, is "special" because it will contain some of her previously unreleased compositions.

"It's special to me because there are songs that I composed a long time ago that I never got to release. Finally, they will be in this album," she said.

"Although I had naman three songs in my last album, ito kasi, five songs, so half [are my compositions]. And hopefully, madagdagan pa because I'm still working on other tunes.

"There will be songs that will be performed by my band. Yung project, it's something very personal. Para talagang I've been waiting for this to happen."

Released after her widely-publicized breakup with boyfriend Dingdong Dantes, the theme of Karylle's previous album with PolyEast, Time For Letting Go, was about moving on.

Her second album, she said, will be "much happier."


Some of the songs will intrigue fans and listeners. As to the back story of why they were written, Karylle would rather not say.

She expressed excitement about launching her new album. "After I finish, I really wanna put my heart into [promoting] it.

"Kasi, alam mo 'yon, when you write songs, and they're about to be released to the world, talagang you want it to be out there.

"Eto naman, it's definitely much happier.

"One good thing about music is that a person can tell his story without having to be so obvious about it," she said.

"You hear the melody, you listen to the words, and you know. Of course, there's still a bit of mystery there. So it's kind of interesting, especially to people who are tsismosa.

"Sabi ko, when that album comes out, all those questions will be answered but not in a super obvious, corny way. Kasi siyempre, there's more to life than just talking or giving interviews.

"I think it's nice to have a bit of mystery, and somehow, makikita rin 'yan sa music. Oo."





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