Andi Eigenmann wants to prove to the industry: "I can step out of my mom's shadow."

"You know, I didn't get this overnight, I must say. This wasn't handed to me on a silver platter. I've gone through so much just to get here," says Andi Eigenmann on being called the "Heiress of Drama."

After being launched as an actress on Agua Bendita, Andi Eigenmann returns to television to show more of her acting skills on ABS-CBN's weekly program Your Song. In line with her new TV project, the young Eigenmann has been dubbed the "Heiress of Drama."

Being one of the third generation of the family actors, Andi admits that the title puts pressure on her as an actress.

"Sobra pong nape-pressure ako. Probably because I didn't expect something like this," said the daughter of award-winning actors Jaclyn Jose and Mark Gil during the media junket prepared for her yesterday, October 7, at Inasal At Iba Pa restaurant on Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

"It's all happening so fast to me and everything seems so surreal. Then again, if that's the way it is, I'm just gonna accept every opportunity and every blessing that's been given to me because this is what I wanted anyway.

"So, even if it's unbelievable that I'm getting it... You know, I didn't get this overnight, I must say. This wasn't handed to me on a silver platter. I've gone through so much just to get here. But the fact that I got there...boom!

"People didn't even see me go through it little by little because I went through it in a different way. All I can do on my part is to continue proving to you that I deserve what you gave me and that you won't regret this," Andi said.

WORKING WITH ACTRESS MOM. Adding to the pressure of being called the "Heiress of Drama" was Andi's first time to work with her mother in her first episode of Your Song, which will be aired this Sunday, October 10, after ASAP XV.

At first, Andi thought she would have a hard time working with her mommy Jaclyn because she's aware of their differences.


She related, "Parang we're not alike. I don't know, we have very opposite personality. In some cases we're the same. But, I mean, my mom is very patient and hardworking, and a very professional actress. I know that's an applause when it comes to working with her, not just with me but also with other actors.

"Parang sa akin po, nanay ko po siya, baka mahirapan ako. Siyempre, since mommy ko siya, hindi naman ako nahihiya sa kanya. Hindi ko naman siya nakikita as that veteran, super good actress. Kasi sa bahay, nanay ko siya, iba 'yong treatment namin sa isa't isa."

She also mentions that even though her mother always gave her advice about work before, she still learns new lessons as they work together in this project.

"Pagdating naman sa acting part, doon naman dumating ang pag-a-advise niya sa akin since na-witness na niya how I was. So, she saw, you know, a room where I could improve in and that's where she came in. Actually, tinutulungan niya lang po ako, she gives me advice or tips pagdating sa pagdadala or pag-switch ng units or nuances," said Andi.

Apart from the pointers in acting, Andi also appreciates how Jaclyn lets her be herself when it comes to work.

"She treats me as an individual," said Andi. " I'm her daughter, my mom loves me, she raised me well. But my mom knows that I'm an adult. I'm growing up to be the person that I am on my own because she raised me to learn how to be an individual and be the person who I want to be.

"It really showed how much of a professional actress she was. Talagang dahil nandoon kami sa trabaho, nagtratrabaho kami, hindi ko siya nanay."

STEPPING OUT OF MOM'S SHADOW. Although many will always compare Andi with her mom Jaclyn, the young Eigenmann thinks that she can make her own mark in the local entertainment scene.


"Just because she's my mom, that doesn't mean I also have to do the same thing," said the former Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus player.

She further stressed, "Just because I'm the daughter of my mom, I have to follow in her footsteps? I think, no. I don't think just because we're related, we have to do the same things and be alike. We're already alike in terms of our physique. I want to show people I can step out of my mom's shadow and that I'm in this industry not just because I'm an Eigenmann and I'm the daughter of Jaclyn Jose."

Andi acknowledges that her parents have something to do with her talent. However, she hopes that people will recognize what she's doing and not because she's a child of two popular actors.

She said, "I know I've got it. Because of them, I got it in me. But because of me, I can be that someone, that people will also appreciate what I do because what I do is for them."

Does Andi think she can replace or at least reach the level of achievement of her mom?

She answered, "My mom has made a mark in this industry and definitely that's something else. Yes, I'm her daughter, so, probably I got a lot from her.

"You know, I learned a lot, marami akong namana. But I can never dethrone my mom. My mom has done so much in this industry and my mom has gained a lot. That's something I can never top. Hindi po ako umaasa na I'm gonna get more than 30 awards just like my mother."

CONGRATS, KUYA. Andi cried as she expressed how proud she is of her Kuya Sid Lucero, who is Mark Gil's son with actress Bing Pimentel. He was nominated in the Best Actor category of the 38th International Emmy Awards for his performance in Dahil May Isang Ikaw.


"Sobrang ang saya-saya ko po para sa kuya ko," said Andi. "Of course, I called him right away and said congratulations. Sinabi ko sa kanya na love na love ko siya. Umaasa nga po ako na makasama ko rin siya sa Your Song.

"I'm really, really proud of my kuya and everything that he has achieved. You know, I wish I can be like him. That's what I want to be."

In their family, according to Andi, they don't feel the celebrity status when they are together. She also doesn't feel any competition among the members of their clan.

She described, "Kapag magkakasama kasi kami ng mga pamilya ko, hindi namin nakikita [ang isa't isa] as stars. Yun nga ang ano sa amin, lahat na kami artista, so, parang wala nang difference ang pag-act namin in real life.

"Kung may masabi man ang ibang tao, wala na rin kaming inaano kasi sanay na kami being who we are. And we don't see ourselves as celebrities. We're probably artists but being called celebrities will come from other people. Wala, we're just living life."

And if there's one thing Andi wants to achieve in this business, she says: "I'm just really proud enough to be part of this industry and I want to make a mark just like my family—my mom, my dad, my tita, and my kuya."





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