PEP EXCLUSIVE: Model Michelle Bea Paloma airs her side on fist-cuff issue with Ryan Fariñas

"ALL I WANTED IS AN APOLOGY. EVEN IF HE DOESN'T WANT TO ADMIT HE HIT ME THEN AT LEAST SAY SORRY ABOUT THE SITUATION OR FOR BEING RUDE TO ME IN THE CAB WHEN I WAS JUST ASKING IS HE OKAY," wrote Michelle Bea Paloma (main photo, with boyfriend Rico Gutierrez) in a statement sent to PEP. This is still in connection with Michelle's accusation that fellow model Ryan Fariñas hit her on the head.

Naglabas na ng kanya-kanyang pahayag ang dalawang lalaking sangkot sa isang issue ng awayan kamakailan. Sila ay sina Rico Gutierrez, direktor ng GMA-7 Sunday noontime show na Party Pilipinas, at si Ryan Fariñas, isang modelo na anak ng namayapang aktres na si Maria Theresa Carlson at ni Cong. Rodolfo Fariñas ng District 1, Ilocos Norte.

Ayon sa mga nauna nang artikulo na nalathala dito sa PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal), nagsimula ang nasabing away madaling-araw ng Sabado, October 9, sa Bangkok, Thailand. Nasaktan umano ni Ryan ang girlfriend ni Rico na si Michelle Bea Paloma, isa ring modelo.

Parehong nasa Bangkok sina Ryan at Michelle para sa mga modeling project.

Unang nailathala ang pahayag ni Rico noon ding October 9. Ayon sa statement na ipinadala niya kay Jojo Gabinete ng PEP, tinawagan daw siya ni Michelle para isumbong sa kanya na sinuntok siya ni Ryan sa ulo. (CLICK HERE to read related story.)

Dagdag pa ng direktor, umiiyak daw si Michelle habang ikinukuwento ang pangyayari. Sinubukan niya raw awatin ang away ni Ryan at ng kaibigan nilang si JC, isa ring model, nang suntukin siya.

Sa pahayag ni Rico, nais niya raw na mag-apologize si Ryan sa kanyang girlfriend. Pinayuhan din niya si Michelle na magsampa ng kaukulang kaso laban kay Ryan sa Thailand.

RYAN'S SIDE. Samantala, nalathala naman ang pahayag ni Ryan kahapon, Martes, Oktubre 12.

Ayon kay Ryan, hindi raw totoo na sinuntok niya si Michelle, na tinatrato raw niyang malapit na kaibigan. Si Michelle pa nga raw ang unang nanakit sa kanya.

Mali rin daw ang kuwentong nakalap ni Rico dahil hindi raw totoo na nag-aaway sila ni JC nang panahon na iyon. Ayon kay Ryan, paiba-iba ang kuwento ni Michelle ng mga pangyayari.

Nais din daw mag-apologize ni Ryan kay Michelle, ngunit hindi raw sinasagot ni Michelle ang kanyang mga tawag.


Sa palagay pa ni Ryan, sinisira raw ni Michelle ang pangalan niya at ng kanyang pamilya. May nasabi pa raw si Michelle na ang pamilyang Fariñas daw ay "known for beating up women."

Ang mga ito ay galing sa statement ni Ryan na ipinadala niya kay Jojo Gabinete noong October 12. Mababasa ang buong statement dito. (CLICK HERE to read related story.)

MICHELLE'S SIDE. Ngayon ay si Michelle naman ang nagbigay ng sarili niyang pahayag at version ng nasabing alitan. Natanggap ni Jojo Gabinete ang statement ni Michelle ngayong hapon, October 13.

Ito ang buong pahayag ni Michelle (published as is):

"This is my response to their statement:

"I saw what was posted on my wall and the note that was created for others to see.

"If you noticed I deleted things on my wall regarding the issue and did not post anything saying Ryan's name on my page. I did not want this to become any bigger.

"I have been asked over the past few days for an interview and said no to all of it.

"My boyfriend was really mad about it like any boyfriend would be and he started posting things on fb [facebook].

"I did ask him to calm down about it and HE DID. He said no to all interviews as well. I did ask him to take out a lot of the things that were posted on fb because I was getting worried.

"Yes, I have heard about your family and when the incident happened I WAS SPEAKING OUT OF ANGER, BUT NEVER MEANT TO HARM YOUR FAMILIES NAME. Your family is not involved its only Ryan.

"What I said to JC that 'He should take my side' was true. And he said he that night said he is on my side.

"I did tell the story to a friend in Manila the next day because she was asking me what happened. I never said anything about taking my side to her. She said to me on her own "of course I am on your side." I did not say it to anyone else here or in Manila.


"I don't know if he's lying to me or lying to you, but he knew I was I here. He was even skyping me in manila asking me about modeling and he was choosing between Malaysia and BKK. He said to our common friend HE CHOSE BKK BECAUSE HE KNOWS I'M HERE AND AT LEAST HE WILL HAVE A FRIEND.

"He asked me to give him my number and he will call me when he's here. He gave me his email address and I emailed him my number. And when he got here I bumped into him at a casting the day he got here and he said he had no credit that why he couldn't reach me. Ever since that day we were hanging out at least once a day meeting up to eat, texting each other and skyping each other everyday.

"The casting he was waiting for me for 2 hours, I told him he could leave because it was taking so long and he said "no its okay I'm not doing anything else today." I was nothing but a friend to him. I even helped him pick the place he is staying at now. And the friends he has now that are "comforting him" I introduced them to him.


"When we left Circle and we were in the cab, I saw Ryan was upset about something. We got in the cab and he was on my right side. BEING A FRIEND I ASKED HIM 'Are you okay?' and he told me to 'SHUT THE FUCK UP' I was so shocked he said that to me because I did nothing to him and was just asking a question. I said 'ARE YOU REALLY SAYING THAT TO ME?' and he said 'SHUT THE FUCK UP OKAY' and my initial reaction was to hit him out of anger, I didn't just hit him out of the blue. I GUESS HIS INITIAL REACTION WAS TO HIT ME BACK AS WELL. If he was 'blocking my punches' THEN WHY DID HIS CLOSE FIST HIT MY HEAD? AND YES I DID HIT HIM BACK BECAUSE I CAN'T BELIEVE HE HIT ME. Then Ryan got out of the cab and JC ran after him. He called me and said he didn't hit me and I said no he did. And JC said they took separate cabs.


"James, who is new with Stellar, was sitting to my left saw the whole thing. I never told him take my side. As soon as we got back to Stellar he told me 'THAT'S' MESSED UP. I CAN'T BELIEVE HE HIT YOU.'

"I WAS MORE UPSET I CONSIDERED HIM A FRIEND AND HE WAS RUDE TO ME. I guess he's a really good actor because he had me fooled for the past 2 and a half weeks he was my friend here in BKK and even before in Manila when hung out with our common friend a couple times. I don't know how I could really force him to hang out with me.

"There was even a time after Rico left, after he visited me here, I felt so lonely and I told Rico "I feel Ryan is my only friend here." Because I was seeing Ryan almost every single day.

"My agency here has asked me to write down everything that happened and send it to them. I told them, I don't want this to get any bigger. So I DIDN'T.


"And regarding I am always negative? People that know me, know I am not like that. I am a positive person but also a realist in life. Maybe he seems to think that way BECAUSE IF EVER I HAD A PROBLEM I WOULD TALK TO HIM, BUT I GUESS THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS DO AND HE IS HOLDING THAT AGAINST ME. Yes I have told him things like 'don't say this to anyone' because I talk like that and people in general talk like that. Friends say that to people they trust to not say things. And saying that I do bad things in BKK sounds like I must be really be misbehaving? What have I done here this year? He has told me things about other models here and told me not to say anything. I also know things that I have not said also because I was being a good friend.This goes both ways."


Bukas ang PEP sa mga karagdagang pahayag sa mga taong sangkot sa issue na ito.





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