Jon Hall takes bad-guy image in Survivor Philippines as part of the game

Jon Hall says he'll continue playing strong in Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown.

"Just expect that I'll keep playing the game the way I feel it should be played. I'm always gonna play Survivor, and I'm not gonna be part of a beauty pageant," he said.

Jon Hall is aware that he is being portrayed as the villain in Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown, but that doesn't worry him.

"Actually, I knew that was gonna happen. I'm a nice guy, but I mean somebody has to be the villain. I'll take it," Jon told PEP during the Survivor Philippines grand fans day last Sunday, October 17, at Sky Dome, SM North Edsa, Quezon City.

"I'm being honest," the 31-year-old model-actor said. "People think dahil honest ako, villain ako. You'll see later on that not everyone can play honest in their game.

"People say I have an attitude, I'm greedy. I'm not. They're not watching the game right.

"A lot of people don't understand the game. Hindi ito beauty pageant, di ba? Nandun ka sa isla para manalo ng three million [pesos] in the game of Survivor.

"Hindi naman ito Ms. Congeniality, na beauty pageant na you have to be nice to everyone. Hindi naman ito game na the best or the most honest or the kindest people win."

Jon said studying Survivor before he joined may have been a bad idea.

"Before going to the island, nag-aral ako. Bumili ako ng mga seasons ng... kasi walang seasons ng...DVD ng Survivor Philippines. So, puro U.S. ang napanood ko.

"So, that actually could've been a mistake as well kasi iba ang U.S. Survivor compared sa Philippine Survivor. Mas conservative ang audience sa Pilipinas.

"Dahil celebrity edition ito, mag-iingat ang mga castaways sa mga image nila. Pero ako, wala. Whatever is on my mind, I said...

"Ang kulang lang sa akin is yung social game. Nobody believes me, nobody wants to listen to me. In the end, not listening to me could be the downfall of other castaways," he explained.

It is also not a problem for Jon if he gets typecasted as a villain when he makes a showbiz comeback.


"Magiging villain ako in the future. Pero okay lang, okay lang. I'm just not a people person.

"Sa tingin naman ng mga tao, siguro the first perception of me is a bad guy. Pero once they get to know me, they know I'm a nice guy naman," he said.

ON MICHELLE. Jon said what matters is the opinion of his girlfriend Michelle Madrigal, his closest ally in Survivor. He said their experience on the show made their relationship stronger.

"Kasi we're out there for 36 days. If you play the game and you don't separate, then it's made you stronger.

"Kasi ilang araw, nakakapagod yung game. Stressful. Tapos, you're with each other 24 hours a day. So, I'm sure a lot of people will get tired of each other. Maghihiwalay sila. Pero kami...

"I was worried about that. For me, before the game, make or break yung relationship.

"When I found nga na kasama si Michelle, I knew that siya ang alliance ko. I wouldn't lie to her.

"Even if everyone wanted to vote her out, I would be okay with that, but I wouldn't put her name down. So if you want to vote her out, it won't be because of me."

Jon said he understands why Michelle seem to cry every night during the whole Survivor experience.

"Alam ko na araw-araw siya umiiyak. Pero, what can I do? Mahirap talaga yung game.

"Ang conditions doon, always raining, sleeping on the dirt, rice only, really, really hard. So I understand why she's crying. We laugh about it now," he said.

SHOWBIZ COMEBACK. Jon said he has no concrete plans on how he can return to showbiz. He left the entertainment business years ago because he was not happy with his sexy image. (CLICK HERE to read related story.)

Now, Jon wants to get roles with more substance.


"Hindi naman ayoko ng sexy image. Ayoko ng sexy lang. Gusto ko may istorya, I want a role with a good story. If it's sexy okay lang, okay lang kung sexy. Pero dapat may story," he said.





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