Sid Lucero reveals how he coped when his seven-year relationship ended

Sid Lucero says he is still friends with his ex-girlfriend, Rozie Delgado. They were together for seven years when they decided to break up during the latter part of 2010.

In his first TV commercial for a coffee brand, Sid Lucero wears a long-sleeved polo and rides a skateboard. There is also a cat somewhere in the scene.

"That scene with the skateboard [was discovered] by accident," admitted Sid during his launch as brand ambassador of Great Taste Trio recently.

"Our DOP [director of photography] is a skater — this is what we have in common. While we were doing the scene, he said, 'Gamitin mo ang board ko.' I didn't think they would use it, but they did. I also played my guitar a little bit and [the cat in the TV ad?] That's really my cat, by the way."

The actor, who takes care of three cats, said his commercial will air starting April.

COPING WITH BREAKUP. Sid was in a great mood that day. It's hard to imagine how down he was a couple of months back when he and girlfriend Rozie Delgado ended their relationship.


Sid and Rozie were together for seven years. The couple worked on the indie film Sabungero. Sid starred in while Rozie directed the movie. (CLICK HERE to read related article.)

"Yeah, [we broke up] about four or five months ago," admitted Sid, "But we're good friends."

He narrated that Rozie gave him tickets to a concert headlined by Pepe Smith. They saw each other at the concert but they were in separate seats.

Did it feel awkward going out with his ex-girlfriend?

"No, no! In fact, a lot of people don't understand why we're still friends, e. [We were together for almost ten years... you can't just give up a decade of your life. You can't just throw that out the window. She knows me more than anyone else in this world, she probably knows me better than my sister. She knows all my secrets.

"Just because we broke up doesn't mean you lose the friendship. I think that's what's great about this relationship," he said.


How did he overcome the initial awkwardness?

"Thanks to my job, my job saved my life. I talked to my friend and I was like, 'This is my first time working without a muse... please be my muse.' Then after like, two months, okay na.

"Even my director noticed and asked me, 'Timmy [Sid's real name], what's wrong? You're such a stone. You've been wasting scenes.' And I said, 'Direk, may problem...'"

Is it true they broke up because of Sid's work?

"Siguro, maybe... Basta it's complicated. It wasn't a bad breakup at all but it was like, 'I can't anymore,' so ouch."

Sid revealed that he is still single and that he has been going out on dates.


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