Sid Lucero’s lawyers on assault allegation: "We do not want to make a big issue of this matter."

Sid Lucero and the law firm representing him would rather wait for a formal complaint to be filed against the actor before answering the assault charge hurled by a hardware merchandiser. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) received a copy of the official statement furnished by the lawyers of Sid Lucero today, May 10, in connection with the physical assault claim hurled against the actor by an employee of a hardware store.

The hardware merchandiser, who was identified as "Jun," accused Sid of attacking him and a female staff last Sunday, May 8. (CLICK HERE to read related article.)

In a statement prepared by the Baizas Magsino Recinto Law Offices, they mentioned that the details circulating about the incident "are not accurate," and that they would rather not issue any comment until proper charges are filed against their celebrity client.

Here is the full statement forwarded this afternoon by the lawyers of Sid Lucero:

"We are aware of the recent news report on our client, Mr. Sid Lucero.

"As everyone knows, there are at least two sides to any story, and, from what Sid tells us, it was not an accurate nor complete account of the events.

"While we are studying the allegations of the purported complainant/s and closely monitoring the developments, we do not want to make a big issue of this matter nor reduce it to mere fodder for gossip.

"Much as we would like to respond and give Sid’s version of the events, we will refrain from doing so if only to nip this issue in the bud and prevent it from getting out of hand.

"We will wait for them to file a case at the proper forum, if they so desire, so we can properly respond thereto.

"In the meantime, we will leave the matters as they are, and give Sid’s side of the story only at the proper forum."





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