Sam Milby on his next girlfriend: "I think I’d rather have non-showbiz."

Sam Milby says there’s no time for him to be lonely because "I’m a busy dude." But he realizes that being busy keeps him from spending time with family and friends, who make him happy.

Sam Milby’s English accent, so far, has not hindered him from making it big in local showbiz.

His portrayal of Wesley’s bewildered character in Third World Happy earned him a nomination from the recently held Gawad Urian.

The Filipino-American actor said he didn’t expect to win, but was happy that his talent was recognized by the Manunuri.

Sam was all-smiles when he faced (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other media at the press conference of his second indie film this afternoon at the Polari Comedy Club on Tomas Morato Avenue.

Third World Happy will run from May 25 to 31 in selected SM Cinemas.

His role, he said, was almost similar to his real-life circumstances: "Para sa kanya [Wesley], he moved to the States, iniiwan niya yung pamilya niya, yung mga loved-ones niya, para tuparin ang pangarap niya sa States.

"Ako, I left my family in the States to be here."

Veteran columnist Ethel Ramos asked: Is he also lonely like Wesley?

"Hindi naman," he began. "Maybe, love life, lonely ako, but you know, siyempre may mga...may mga friends.

"I love the people that I’m close to, that are always there for me, that I know.

"With him, it’s different in a way kasi yung pamilya niya, I mean, he’s lost a lot of his loved-ones, and I think that’s the main part of why he’s lonely..."

He admits that his love life is lonely?

The Kapamilya star, who began his television career via the first edition of Pinoy Big Brother, has been living independently since 2005.

He resumed, "Siyempre, masarap naman na may love life kang nandiyan, na may inspirasyon, na may taong puwedeng kausapin pag may problema, pag may, you know what I mean.

"That’s what’s great about having a love life. Gano’n...


"But in terms of being lonely, I’m...really...ngayon, hardly ever [at] home kasi. When I get home, mga 7 a.m. from shooting... So, I’m very, very busy now."

From loneliness, the topic changed to happiness.

At present, "I enjoy the work that I do. I’ve been enjoying the movie that I’m doing. That, may challenge yun para sa akin. Those things I do best, that’s what makes me happy."

He added that time with family also makes him forget about the trappings of the limelight.

And if only he has time, "I wanna be with my one-year-old niece, but mukhang wala akong time talaga pumunta sa States."

Another thing that gives him a natural high is "motocross!" He was glad he got a taste of this again on his birthday last May 23.

READY FOR LOVE LIFE BUT... Having a love life is something he definitely would like, but it is also presently the farthest thing from his mind.

"Yes, I’m ready. Reading-ready ako for a love life, but like I said kanina, like, halos every day, may shooting.

"I’m really busy and dadating yun, you know," he explained.

Is he picky?

"Ay, hindi naman," Sam replied.

"Ako, hindi naman maghanap ng girlfriend [dahil] gusto ko lang magkaroon ng girlfriend.

"Ako, you know, I want to make sure na habang nakikita ko siya, alam ko, alam mo, ma-i-in love talaga ako sa babae."

He would look for the "spark, connection, lahat"—but he also believed it would be better if the lady is "non-showbiz."

In the 24-year-old singer’s words, "Right now, I think I’d rather have non-showbiz kung magkaroon ng love life."


"Hindi sa ayaw, but I think, with these...with being showbiz, our being, you know, open in the public eye, sometimes it’s nice to have that part to be that quiet, to have a love life that’s mas tahimik."


Things may still not work out with a non-showbiz girlfrend, and he’s aware of that.

"A lot of people have told me, yung non-showbiz, nahihirapan sila intindihin yung mga may mga partner sa show, yung pag may love team.

"Kailangang, I mean, you know, kiligin yung mga audience. And sometimes, they don’t understand and they get jealous of that...

"Still in the public eye... but I think if you have a non-showbiz girlfriend, I think it’s more tahimik and I think it’s what I’d like to have more."

But first, he has to have the time.

Smiling, Sam said, "I don’t have the time to hang out with anybody else.

"Maaga ako sa shooting, yun lang talaga ginagawa ko so... Baka wala akong time to get to know a non-showbiz girl."

He’s not in a hurry either. "Dadating naman iyon," he quipped.

And when that happens, Sam said he will embrace the role of being a daddy.

"I will make my own, siyempre pag may...pag may asawa, pag kasama ko na yung babaeng nakalaan sa akin," he said, obviously proud of the "malalim" Filipino word he used.





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