Gretchen Barretto clarifies her "walk out" after being compared to daughter Dominique

"You cannot put someone down just because meron pagkukulang. Meron naman tayong pagkukulang but that doesn’t mean I’m less of a person. Nakakapikon. I think we should just stop now," said Gretchen Barretto before cutting an interview short. In this photo, a much calmer Gretchen is seen with Tonyboy Cojuangco.

In a photo shoot last June 16, Thursday, Gretchen Barretto took the time to talk with reporters regarding her upcoming teleserye, Alta, wherein she will be able to act opposite Angelica Panganiban, KC Concepcion, and Sam Milby.

This will mark Gretchen’s return to acting after being part of ABS-CBN’s fashionserye, Magkaribal.

Gretchen described her initial meeting with the cast of Alta.

"I think this will really be a successful show because the cast is very talented.

’Angelica has a lot of appeal and I think KC is really growing as an actress with each project that she has.

"Sam is so endearing, no wonder their film [Forever and a Day] is such a big hit," she said.

During this interview, one reporter asked her about finishing third year high school compared to her daughter Dominique who is now attending college.

Gretchen reportedly got offended and cut the interview short.


Before leaving the studio, the actress was quoted by ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol as saying, "Does it matter at this point, because you cannot put someone down just because meron pagkukulang.

"Meron naman tayong pagkukulang but that doesn’t mean I’m less of a person. Nakakapikon.

"I think we should just stop now."

Later on, Gretchen and partner Tonyboy Cojuangco made an appearance at the Lobby Lounge of Shangri-La Hotel Makati for an event dubbed as the Fashion Watch Quartet.

La Greta had visibly cooled down and allowed herself to be interviewed again by the media.

She clarified what happened by saying, "I did not walk out.

"I just believe that people have a choice.

"When there’s something you don’t want to deal with you can walk away.

"If you don’t like the situation and you feel it’s sticky, walk away.

"We’re all just human to get affected; I hope other media people can understand that."


It will be recalled that in April 2011, Gretchen hastily left a press conference after being questioned regarding her supposed rift with sister Claudine Barretto. (CLICK HERE to read related article.)

In February 2008, Gretchen also left the Entertainment Live studio abruptly when a VTR of Nadia Montenegro was shown spilling details about their gap. (CLICK HERE to read related article.)

NO COMMENT. Tonyboy Cojuangco, who is the Chairman of the Cinemalaya Foundation, declined to comment on the incident, saying that he was there to accompany Gretchen.

He did however talk about the upcoming Cinemalaya festival, which will kick off on July 15.

"We’re so proud this year that Aureus Solito’s work, which we helped produce, was able to be part of the Cannes Filmfest.

"It may be the first time that a film we produced was screened outside before the fest," he said.

Busong by Aureus Solito had positive reviews during its run at the prestigious festival in France.


Cinemalaya will screen films from July 15-24, 2011 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines as well as several cinema houses at Greenbelt 3 in Makati City.

He added, "Last year we started the Director’s Showcase [category] and got a really great reception so we’re happy to have that again this year."

Aside from Direk Aureus, the other filmmakers competing in the Director’s Showcase are Jeffrey Jeturian (Bisperas), Adolf Alix Jr. (Isda or Fable of the Fish), and Joel Lamangan (Patikul).


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