Rocco Nacino shares his bonding moments with Sheena Halili

"We go watch a movie, eat out, or have coffee together," says Rocco Nacino about his bonding moments with actress Sheena Halili (inset).

"It’s not really courting. Ah, I can’t say its courting kasi sa courting after that, kayo na, di ba? We’re taking things really, really slow," GMA-7 actor Rocco Nacino told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) about his status with actress Sheena Halili. (CLICK HERE to view related article.)

PEP got a chance to interview Rocco at the YES! 100 Most Beautiful Stars 2011 presscon, held yesterday, July 28, at the Ruby Ballroom of Crowne Plaza in Ortigas—wherein he’s also one of the most beautiful stars.

Rocco was asked if he’s still in the getting-to-know-each-other stage with Sheena.

"I’ll say we’re passed that. We’re just enjoying each other’s company.

"Busy kasi kami parehas, e, so it’s hard to assume anything…to take the next step," he said.

How do you spend time together?

"Whenever we have time, kung minsan biglaan na lang—that’s how busy we are."

What are your bonding moments or what do you guys usually do?

"We go watch a movie, eat out, or have coffee together," Rocco smiled.

"Usually ano, malapit lang sa GMA kasi alam mo ’yon, ’yong mga nakaw lang kapag may break siya, kapag may break ako."

YES! 100 MOST BEAUTIFUL STARS. Rocco is one of the 100 Most Beautiful Stars of YES! magazine this year, so PEP asked him how he feels about it.

"It’s really humbling na nakasama ako, I really didn’t expect.

"Nung nag-pictorial nga kami, akala ko it was just like any other pictorial.

"Then, maya-maya, tumatawag na ’yong handler namin, tapos sabi, ’Hoy, kasama ka sa 100 Most Beautiful Stars!’

"Oh, hindi naman, hindi naman, hindi naman! Akala ko bola-bola lang, pero totoo pala.

"So, I’m really glad na kasama ako dito.

"Wow! I was really happy talaga—really honored and blessed to be part of this.


"And now, I’m reminded to get a facial, kailangan ko na magpa-facial—alagaan ang aking balat, soon," he quipped.





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