Joel Torre takes pride in being Filipino when doing foreign indie films

"You put a lot of Pinoy pride in it. It’s like, it’s like I guess being a Pacquiao," says Joel Torre about always being labeled in indie films abroad.

"You know, that’s…you put a lot of Pinoy pride in it. It’s like I guess being a Pacquiao," Joel Torre shared in a pocket interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) for the film Deep Gold at Alba Restaurant, corner Scout Lozano, T. Morato Ave., Q.C. last August 3.

The actor is talking about starring in foreign indie films, the latest oif which is Deep Gold directed by Michael Gleissner.

"Especially when you’re out of the country performing or working like when I did theater in New York…

"There’s a certain… not really pressure, pero you wanna excel. You don’t wanna fool around, you just wanna do it right!

"Parang dala-dala mo ’yong, you know, raised pride na Pinoy ka, na especially sometimes you got to na, may pagka-racist din ’yong iba, ’A, you’re an actor of color.’

"You know there’s nothing to prove but you do it 110 percent. Sometimes I get too hard on myself, as experience has told me, ’Don’t pressure yourself.’

"I just put… you know, you just put the pressure on yourself, na you’ve been too hard na.

"Basta at the end of the day, just relax, take it easy, enjoy it, have fun.

"Do your best and stop acting…’yong natural lang, which I really did try in Amigo."

Amigo is the indie film directed by John Sayles. (CLICK HERE for related article.)

Joel added, "You have to know how to timpla, that’s how we call it, to balance it." (CLICK HERE to view gallery.)


DEEP GOLD. In the pocket interview of his upcoming film directed by Michael Gleissner, Deep Gold, Joel Torre shared how the shooting was like, especially underwater. (CLICK HERE to read related article.)

"I had a lot of fun! I got to dive and I got to shoot, which are two things I really like.

"Diving… I mean as an actor, shooting, going to something you like to do, which is really fun to shoot.

"I’ve shot a lot of work in Cebu and I spent one day just to dive and then one day to shoot and dive."

Did he really go underwater for the film?

"Yeah, yeah. We got to dive talaga."

Joel also shared that he didn’t have to train for this film.

"I’m already a diver. I was a diver. I used to dive. I was a diver since 1987.

"Fun diver. Ano, recreation lang, not really fanatic…

"Coz I believe ang beauty ng Philippines, hindi pa natin... we’re just catching the surface when it comes to diving, kahit ’yong marine life natin.

"The reason that I went to diving kasi para sa mga Pinoy to know na atin na ito…so I have to do it."

Was there any part of the film that gave Joel a hard time?

"Wala naman, I enjoyed everything."

Didn’t he get a hard time diving while shooting?

"No, no, no. Well ’twas really hard [at first] but we kinda got used to it.

"I played the father of these two girls [Bebe Pham and Jaymee Ong].


"If it wasn’t for me, they won’t be there," he quipped.

"Ako ’yong tatay nila, I take them out to dive... so, ayun."

So how is this film different from his other films?

"Well, I had a short scene in this one—my shot was... I was there for five days, my shot was for two days yata, two days, oo!

"And my participation was very small, but it became the big part because I am the father.

"It’s like how they became divers, their characters."

How was it to work with Director Michael?

"Fun, a lot of fun... When I got there, I was really just starting the film.

"Bago pa lang, so everybody was excited. Everybody was so... wala namang first day cheaters, you know, nangangapa konti tapos… Fun, basically fun.

"Those scenes were hindi naman mabigat, e, but we stayed a long time in the water."

And then Joel remembered three "mortal sins" when shooting a film.

"Three mortal sins: don’t shoot with animals, babies, and water. We have no control over any of them."

So how was it working with Hollywood actors?

"Well, I wasn’t working with them, I was working with the kids," he clarified.

"One is from Bacolod. Well, they were kids pa lang, that’s how we started, then parang flashback.

"They grow up, ’yon. I met them. They were also there in the boat, there was a pictorial."

While filming the underwater scenes, they were staying in a yacht owned by Director Gleissner himself.


Joel said Director Gleissner stays in Cebu.

"He has a place, he has a house in Cebu, yeah. Adapted son na siya ng Cebu, e."

Deep Gold will be in theaters nationwide on August 31.

UPCOMING PROJECTS. Joel is currently in a primetime show in ABS-CBN, 100 Days to Heaven, wherein he plays the father of Kevin (Louise Abuel) and Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria).

"100 Days will extend because we’re number one for the longest time," he said.

PEP asked Joel if he has upcoming projects while 100 Days to Heaven is airing.

"I have to double check, I might do a film with Erik Matti.

"I have to double check kasi I’m leaving next week for the States [for the screening of Amigo on August 19].

"And there’s this talk about the movie with Coco Martin where I play the father, I don’t know, for Star Cinema.

"Wala pang definite, e."





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