Carla Abellana says her boyfriend and family will be surprised how daring she would be in latest movie

"He doesn’t know everything about the movie," discloses Carla Abellana about boyfriend Geoff Eigenmann not knowing how she would be in the movie.

"Hindi, hindi niya alam. He doesn’t know everything about the movie. He doesn’t know. I don’t share the details to him," revealed Carla Abellana in an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

The young actress is referring to boyfriend Geoff Eigenmann, whom she says, doesn’t know yet how daring she is in Regal Films’ upcoming movie My Neighbor’s Wife.

PEP got a chance to interview Carla on the set of their film at the Kamana Sanctuary Resort in Subic, Zambales, last Sunday, August 7.

The movie also stars Dennis Trillo, Lovi Poe, and Jake Cuenca.

Aside from Geoff, Carla said that her family still doesn’t know how daring her new movie is.

"Ay, lalo na daddy ko [Rey "PJ" Abellana]!" she said.

"Though my family knows that I’m doing the movie, alam naman nilang mature siya, I’m sure magugulat silang lahat.

"Magugulat silang lahat, sobra!

"They will see another side of Carla.

"Sabi nga ni Direk Jun [Lana] earlier na parang ano, napakawalan sa hawla or something.

"Parang gano’n si Carla dito sa pelikulang ’to, nakawala sa hawla, parang gano’n.

"So, I was really pushed to my limit—talagang I was challenged by Direk Jun na talagang, ’O, hanggang saan mo kaya? ’Yon, gawin mo ’yon…"

How daring and sexy is she in this film?

"Naku, sabi ko nga, may mga nagagawa ako dito sa movie na ito, I’ve never done anything like this before.

"First time kong ganito ka-mature na role. First time kong mag-bikini.


"Mahirap, kasi siyempre as much as possible, ayoko talaga kung maiiwasan, e."

THE SCRIPT. Before accepting her role, Carla read the script and was taken aback by its boldness.

"Nabasa ko ’yong script and I was very uncomfortable, na parang ano ba itong mga words na ’to, hindi ko sasabihin itong mga words na ’to, kasi may pagka... may pagkabastos ng konti.

"Pero siyempre kasi, dahil kasal, wala lang ’yon sa mag-asawa. So naging... I felt really uncomfortable when I read the script and talagang hesitant ako.

"I thought twice, tapos kinausap ko si Geoff.

"Sabi ko, ’Should I do the movie? Because parang hindi ko yata kaya ito, parang ang bigat-bigat, parang ganyan, masyadong mature kami.’

"Sabi niya, ’Gawin mo para ma-overcome mo ’yong challenge, di ba? ’Yon ang way to overcome the worries and ano... gawin mo. Just do it! Don’t think about it. Don’t be too hard on yourself.’

"So, siya ’yong nag-encourage sa akin, ’yon."

Is she ready on what Geoff will tell her after watching the movie?

"Hindi, wala nga siya dito sa premiere night, e.

"He’s invited, but he’ll be out of the country kasi with his dad. Nasa L.A. kasi siya sa premiere.

"He’ll be with his dad in LA for two weeks, sayang, hindi niya mapapanood.

"But definitely when he comes back, when he gets home, manonood na lang kami nang sabay.

"E, kinakabahan ako! Mas kinakabahan ako sa lola ko, sa mommy ko, so sa family ko…


"Kasi they don’t know me this way, coz it’s... complete opposite, ang layo from my real personality, which is good because at least another side ang maipakita ko.

"At least kahit papaano masasabi ko na magugulat talaga sila, ’yon."

AS JASMINE IN MY NEIGHBOR’S WIFE. Carla happily described her character in the movie.

"My character in the movie, I play Jasmine, the wife of Bullet, played by Jake Cuenca.

"Jasmine is a determined person, she’s well-off, talagang she worked... I mean she studied hard, she worked hard, graduated, and earned the name for herself.

"So when she got married, she stopped working, so she eventually became a mother and took care of her child, of the son.

"So, ang nangyari is the husband provides for the family so she doesn’t have to work.

"But in a way, he’s not happy with that lahat ng... lahat ng kilos niya, lahat ng galaw niya, demands for respect.

"Kasi siyempre, you know, when you’re a college graduate, a successful worker, tapos bigla kang magiging housewife, siyempre may grudges ka, di ba? So, ’yon!

"Other than that, we are best friends with Lovi and Dennis… na hindi sila kasing yaman namin ni Jake.

"Pero we treat them equally and talagang we treat them as true friends.

"We try our best to really reach out to them and share whatever, ’yon, gano’n.

"We don’t make them feel inadequate or anything, ’yon."

NERVE-WRACKING. It’s Carla’s first time to be daring in a movie or in any show, so it was really nerve-wracking for her at first, but she got through it with the help of the whole cast and crew of the movie.


"Medyo daring nga ’yong eksena. It still feels awkard, mahirap, it’s very challenging.

"I’m used to heavy drama. I played the role of a wife and a mother before, but this is different because it touches a more sensitive topic which is infidelity, di ba?

"So, I always say na infidelity is such a sensitive issue but we all know for a fact that it happens, di ba?

"Not a lot of people talk about it coz they want to keep it a secret or maybe, you know, they’re not comfortable talking about it.

"Pero it’s reality, it happens, di ba? To people we don’t expect, mga gano’n. So ’yon.

"The movie in general is brave enough to touch on that topic and talagang ire-reveal namin siya.

"So, kahit papaano, it will make people uncomfortable."





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