Patrick Garcia says he doesn’t meddle with whatever Jennylyn Mercado and Luis Manzano have

"She’s the mother of my little boy, so I wish her all the best and the happiness. Basta yung lalaking pipiliin niya, kumbaga, dapat mahalin din si Jazz," says Patrick on whoever Jennylyn chooses to love.

No other topic makes Patrick Garcia more excited and talkative than about his son Alex Jazz (or AJ) with Jennylyn Mercado.

Tatay na tatay na kung magkuwento si Patrick during our first interview with him when we visited their first taping day for Iglot. Ang anak niyang si AJ ang halos napag-usapan during the interview.

Fast forward sa grand press launch ng Iglot at ang anak niya ang una naming kinumusta from him. Nahahatid-sundo pa rin ba niya ang bata sa school now that medyo busy na siya?

"Nagagawa ko pa naman yun and nasusundo ko siya sa school every other day.

"And recently, I was very happy because Jen called me and Jazz [daw] was saying, reciting, ’one, two, three, four.’

"Kumbaga numbers. Kasi we were worried before because he’s not talking.

"Gano’n. And now, he’s noisy. He started talking [na talaga].

"Yung daddy nasasabi [na ] niya, and yung mama."

Nakuwento niya before na gagamitin na ng anak niya ang apelyido niya. Mercado ang nakalagay sa birth certificate ng bata.

"Hindi pa ginagamit yung Garcia. Pero, according to Jen, you know, pumapayag naman siya na, ano [gamitin na ni Jazz].

"It has a process pa, e. It has to go to court," kuwento niya.

"Actually pag wala si Jen, Garcia [pinapasulat ko kay Jas]," biro pa niya.

NOT HIS BUSINESS? Naglabas recently rito sa (Philippine Entertainment Portal) sa PEParazzi section ng photos nina Jennylyn Mercado at Luis Manzano na kuha when they were in Hong Kong.


Luis requested us here in kung puwedeng tanggalin ang pics na galing sa mga fans who apparently grabbed the pictures from their personal accounts.

Luis said in his statement na they will share naman whatever the public needs to know about them in due time. Meaning when they find na it’s already the right time.

"With Jen and Luis, kumbaga it’s her personal [life] na, e.

"Whatever, kumbaga, kung saan masaya si Jen, whatever makes her happy [okay ako].

"She’s the mother of my little boy, so I wish her all the best and the happiness.

"Basta yung lalaking pipiliin niya, kumbaga, dapat mahalin din si Jazz.

"Pero, I know Luis. I’ve worked with him before. I know him personally also.

" A, he’s a good person. Kumbaga, gentleman. Never did I hear [may ginawang masama] with babae, or... wala. So yun.

Nagkukuwento ba si Jen sa kanya about her personal life?

"No. I don’t ask. Kumbaga, it’s better that way na, you know.

"Not unless, you know [if] our friendship, you know, gets closer and more matured and we could confide to each other. No problem.

HAPPY KAPUSO. Pumasok ba ever sa isip niya na bumalik sa ABS-CBN kung saan siya nag-start?

"Well, with the people I work with now it’s like I’m back," natatawa niyang sagot kasi halos lahat sila sa main cast ng Iglot ay dating mga Kapamilya— Claudine Barretto, Marvin Agustin, Luis Alandy and Pauleen Luna.


"I miss the people there because I grew up there, you know," patuloy pa niya.

"But in terms of going back to the station, I have no bad blood against Channel 2. You know I left when my contract was finished.

THE REASON. To many observers, hanggang ngayon ay hindi malinaw kung bakit siya lumipat sa Channel-7.

"Well, because my contract ended. Kumbaga there was no show lined up yet for me [then] and everything.

"And I wanted to... and there’s an offer from GMA na Captain Barbel . And you know, why not try a different [network].

Was there an offer from his former network na bumalik siya?

"Kumbaga mga nanay at tatay ko ’yan. Kumbaga si Mr. M [Johnny Manahan], daddy ko yan, e.

"’O, when are you coming back? Gano’n, gano’n,’" his Tita Mariole Alberto daw would ask him.

"Sabi ko, ’Tita, I’m still with GMA, you know. I’m still enjoying here. And I still have a contract....’" sagot niya.

"I’m happy naman here. You know, I should be thankful that I have work. I’m not a big star who can choose na ano, di ba?

Hindi kaya ina-underestimate naman niya masyado ang kanyang status bilang artista?

"I think it’s just healthier to have that frame of mind. Not to think too much of yourself.

"It doesn’t mean it will happen. Kumbaga you’re just putting your feet on the ground, but deep inside I’m the biggest star. Nyee!" sabay tawa nang malakas.


BIGGER ROLES. Mahalaga ang role niya sa bago nilang fantasy series, pero di ba niya naiisip na dapat bigger roles ang napupunta sa kanya?

"Well, yeah, I wish that I have bigger roles. But you know a big role is a big responsibility also.

" But I think, siguro now... last year, years back I wasn’t ready for that responsibility.

"And if ever they offered me, I’d not be comfortable accepting it.

"Siguro, now that I have a kid and everything. And you know, my way of life has changed, I think I’m ready to accept responsibility like that," positibo niyang pagtatapos.





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