Gary Valenciano is aware he has to slow down on his performances "eventually"

"Ayoko kasi dumating sa punto na sa tao mismo manggagaling yung ’Ay, bumabagal na siya. Siguro dapat [mag-slow down na siya].’ I’d rather stop and then just make people go, ’You know, I remember Gary V used to dance like this,’" says Gary Valenciano.

Bali-balita na dahil sa TV special na gagawin ni Gary Valenciano—With Love Gary Valenciano Special—malapit na raw siyang mag-lie low sa kanyang mga performances.

At hindi naman ito ikinaila ng tinaguriang "Mr. Pure Energy."

"Eventually," sabi ni Gary sa press conference para sa With Love Gary Valenciano Special noong Miyerkules, Agosto 31, sa Mesa Restaurant sa Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Paliwanag niya, "Ayoko kasi dumating sa punto na sa tao mismo manggagaling yung ’Ay, bumabagal na siya. Siguro dapat [mag-slow down na siya].’

"I’d rather stop and then just make people go, ’You know, I remember Gary V used to dance like this.’"

Nagbigay pa ng halimbawa ang singer.

"Like my sister, she used to be a champion in dancing but she stopped while she was still... kahit kaya pa niya.

"Masakit kasi siyempre kaya mo pa, pero malapit na do’n sa punto na [hindi na kaya]."

Ang tinutukoy ni Gary na kapatid niya ay si Gina Valenciano-Martinez, na maybahay ng aktor na si Leo Martinez.

How about bidding "goodbye" sa industriya?

Pinabulaanan naman ito agad ni Gary.

Aniya, "Goodbye is not part of my vocabulary."

Paliwanag pa niya, "In 2008, nag-concert ako sa Araneta Coliseum. Not many people noticed, but some did and one of them was Echo [Jericho Rosales].

"He came to me after [the show] and said, ’Chief, you kissed the stage. What does that mean?’ I said, ’That’s it.’

"I mean, with regard to big concerts na tipong Hataw Na, at my age, it’s difficult to keep up a concert like that for two and a half hours. That’s one.

"Second, to produce a concert like that, ang hirap.

"Third, there’s a whole new generation that I’d like to help para ma-achieve din nila kung ano ’yong na-achieve ko and beyond that.


"So, at that time, 2008 yung Live At 25, that was my way of saying ’Okay, next. Who’s next?’

"Now, I still do concerts. I still guest in concerts. I still do smaller concerts, more intimate, kung saan medyo... I can be myself.

"I don’t have to worry about people at the very tuktok, pinakalikod. I can just keep myself within maybe... 800 to a thousand people—that’s very intimate.

"I can go down [to the audience], I can go to the very back, and then come back. I like those kinds of concerts.

"And even when I go to the provinces, ha, like, say for example, I go to Dumaguete, I don’t mind doing two or three concerts na magkasunod.

"Pero smaller venues, para paglabas nila, parang kilalang-kilala na nila talaga ako, na hindi tipong you’re watching a concert [from afar].

"Yung we’re together, we’re up close, we’re near... I like those."

NEED TO CATCH UP ON TECHNOLOGY. Bilang isang singer na hinahangaan ng halos lahat ng singers ng henerasyon na ito, na merong illustrious career, meron pa bang ibang bagay na gustong ma-achieve ang isang Mr. Pure Energy?

"Many, many things pa!" excited niyang sambit.

"At the top of my list is to go to school, study audio engineering, and then come back and teach it.

"That’s a two-fold thing because I feel that with regards to our songwriting, we’re just as good as anybody else in the world.

"But when it comes to the technology of recording it, and capturing it, and making it sound good any way you play, medyo behind pa tayo."

Dagdag pa niya, "That’s a frustration for me dahil every time I go to the States, papasok ako sa isang studio...

"There was one time I was with Apl de Ap [of Black Eyed Peas] and he goes, ’Here Gary, you wanna hear it?’


"’Tapos he played something and then, ’Can I hear your stuff?’ sabi niya. I said, ’Sure.’

"Tapos pinatugtog ko, ang layo talaga ng dating, pero gustung-gusto niya ’yong songwriting.

"As a matter of fact, ang pinatugtog ko ’yong ’Shout for Joy,’ the one that Gab [Valenciano] made.

"He heard Gabriel’s version of ’Shout for Joy,’ he looks at me and said ’Your son is good.’

"But with regard to engineering, there’s still [a long way to go].

"One time, I told one of the higher ups of ABS-CBN, sabi ko... Kasi sabi niya, ’You can’t leave. You have to come back.’

"But sabi ko sa kanya, ’Well, coming back is definitely an open option for me.’

"Pero hindi ka ba napu-frustrate na pag nanonood ka ng pelikula ng Star Cinema, tapos siyempre may mga trailers...

"Pagdating do’n sa pelikula mismo, parang mas maganda yata ’yong sound ng trailer kaysa main feature.

"Kasi for me, it’s an experience to watch a movie, e. You’re sitting there for two hours or an hour and a half, you give them the entire experience of watching a movie.

"Especially when it comes to our action films or fantasy films, it’s really nice to be put together, one time lang.

"Bigyan lang ako ng pagkakataon na mangyari yun, but then I’ll teach it and I won’t keep it to myself."

Paliwanag pa ni Gary V, "At sa dami ng kakilala ko sa States, naku, easy for me to tell them na ’You wanna go to the Philippines? You come to Manila and you teach.’

"And what do they get in return? ’Oh, you’ll have the best vacation ever. I’ll take you to Bohol, to Boracay, wherever you wanna go.’

"Yun lang, banggitin mo lang yung mga lugar na ’yon, go. They’ve heard so much about the country already.


"One of the other things I want to do is with regard to new media. The stuff that comes out online, you’re basically giving it away for free, but you get a lot more in return in terms of the amount of people who are moved and touched.

"People can buy it later on in hard copy. If they want pictures, if they want to see how it was done and all, that’s what you buy.

"But the product, if you want it initially, you can just go online and download it and it’s yours."

NEW MEDIA. Some artists and producers think of new media bilang kumpetisyon. Ano kaya ang take ni Mr. Pure Energy dito, na halos lahat na ay puwede ma-i-download at makuha sa Internet?

"I don’t think it should even be thought of as competition. I think it should be embraced now," pahayag ni Gary.

"There’s nothing wrong. New media, if done correctly, people use it.

"Of course, there’s the legality on downloading it the proper way and then there’s YouTube.

"But, I think, even the recording companies now are looking for means and ways to embrace that technology and to [inform the public of] whatever they do.

"Kasi, basically now, the most that we sell are when we go mall tours. We sell 250-300 CDs in one mall tour.

"That’s a lot considering that a gold [record award] is how many now... 10,000?

"So, I have nothing against new media, provided it is done also in a proper way.

"Matagal na naming parang pakiusap sa tao na huwag kang mag-download ng ganito [pirated], but it’s so much a part of our society already.

"So if that’s the case, okay, we’ll do this and I think it’s something that artists and production people and recording people should look into."






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